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  1. I want to buy some elwire to light up the front of my case wich has a plexi glass like front Is elwire good and light up good or is it not worth it
  2. quick question DO the LEDs dim with the speed of the fan or is it a constant color Also does this work with the Volcano Smart fans 2?
  3. Tweatktown.com has a way to install SP1 if ur not (leagal) for XP
  4. I am slowly building a system.. I already have MB and Ram Now i need to know the best way to set up HD any info much apreciated if i shoudl go a raid etc Btw MB is Soyo KT400. And its going to be a gaming computer
  5. Looking to get a new PS for my slowing being built PC Was looking at a enermax (430 wat)...any other sugestions.
  6. Anyone know when or if this CPU will be worth getting?
  7. I also have the cool mod V9 it works good..the only problem is that the blue LEDs arnt bright at all...any ideas on how to make them brighter...or do they just come that way
  8. Mercury...Ya u make it sound easy..but like i said i know nothing about wireing...Well i can hook wires up...but when u talk resistors and reostats im at a loss
  9. I have a Digital doc already...but id like to have the RPMs of the fans on the same pannel as the reostat i want to make for my case..id also like to have LeDs fade with teh speed of hte fan...just for looks
  10. Ok first let me say i know nothing about electronics.... However i would like to buid something like a bay buss the differece is that i want a digital display of how fast the fan is turning above the nob for each fan controller...along with a Blue LED that gets Brighter the faster it goes....Is this possible or am i a Dreamer?
  11. Im building my friend a new computer curious as to what memory i should us...i was thinking Mushkin DDR2700 or Samsung DDR2700...wich is better in your opinions?
  12. Ok i have 4 fans already installed...got 2 Tt fans to replace two existing ones..the Tt fans are alot more powerfull....so was wondering where i should put them
  13. I just got 2 Tt fans to replace existing fans...I have 2 in the front and 2 in the back...i Got 2 Tt fans...Should i but them both in back or one in back and one in front or both in front?....
  14. Hiya all Want to replace fans in my case Case Has 2 front 2 back 80mm fans and one clear on top...would like to replace the top one with a clear one that has leds in it. Any sugestions would be gratefull. also should i go for the three pin or 4 pin conectors?
  15. All i want is a place where i can store and show pics...does that picture place alow u to show them as well?
  16. ok im officailly pissed at geocities...anyone have a good place that WONT shut me down, and that is free?
  17. actually pizza box i moved...and im not kidding i did have pizza LOL
  18. Just a pic of my new case and desk setup Thanks to Mercury for showing me a site that let me do this oops my apologies i think i put in wrong area
  19. Id like to get more out of my system..but i ran outa money between the GF4, case, fans, im taped out atm.... can a water cooling system fit in my case...and are they safe...gets me kinda worried having water flowing thru my case
  20. My god man i just looked at ur 3D mark...crap i can only get 9600...im suchs a newb...LOL
  21. I was thinking of WC for it...but i bought this case and i dont think i have room for it lol...plus im low on cash atm ill have to try reaplying the paste again...im using artic silver..is that good enough?
  22. Thx mercury aprciate it... Having a cooling isue though im runin at 48c idle...no overlcocking and will the dragon board suport the 333 fsb?
  23. I must be doing somethign wrong I have a Athlong 1.4 With a V9+ not overclocked and im at 49c idle and should have decent cooling Case setup
  24. Thx Mercury..i also love the board... here is a pic of the case i just put it in today New case PS i will be buying a new Processer was waiting a bit...any prefereces you guys/gals have....im looking at AMD 2600 or 2800
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