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  1. acording to the box and asus the a7n8x DOES support pc3200 ram though thats what i dont get..also i can only OC it to 287
  2. I still cant figure it out isnt it supose to be runing at 400 mhz?
  3. Hello all i just bought corsair xms series ram. Matched pair for my a7n8x delux (1 gig worth) my problem is that when it boots it comes up at 200 mhz. I tired setting it to agressive and it droped to 133 any ideas on how to fix this..do i have to set the MB to Dual DDR somehow or is it automatic
  4. just got some new items for my PC now the next thing is the CPU any sugestions would be helpfull should i go with amd barton 3000+ or wait?
  5. I get twitchy movements when the bottom of my mouse or mouse surface is dirty or a bad surface...try putting it on a better surface or cleaning it
  6. Well i went to msconfig..seems that ncpl is runing rundll32.exe along with NVMCTRAY also running rundll32.exe wich seems to be nvidia stuff..if there nto supose to be runing please let me know..Thx
  7. just a quick question when i open task manager in Win Xp i have two rundll.exes going is this normal and is there a way to keep one or none running?
  8. i have a Volcano 9 is htat good enough or do i need to get a newer HSF
  9. I am planning on buying this board howerver atm i cannot afford the dual ddr but i have a single stick of pc2700 will i be able to use the board with that single stick of ram or do i have to get 2 sticks?
  10. there is a DL on of 95 For it on IBM problem is i need to get windows 3.1 online and i dont know how to do it!!
  11. Hello all My friend got a IBM thinkpad 360cse for free runs decent problem is that its using windows 3.1 wich i know nothing about but there is an upgrade at imb site to get it to win 95 problem is thati dont know how to connect it to the internet to DL it cause it dosnt have a cdrom and of corse that means i can burn the files have to do it buy disk any help would be much apreciated however it does have a 56k and network adapter
  12. I disagree i have the logitech Mx700 no pains exelant comfort for me runs smooth and rechargable battiers i love it wont go to anything else...my other comp has the wireless intellie explorer also nice but i love my logitech.
  13. Notesinger

    3dmark 2003

    ok i just got 3dmark 2003 and my score well was like a 20 old pc score is 1453 anyone got any ideas why this might be
  14. hello all im redoing my OS and was wondering what the best settings in Bios and Nvida would be for this card for best performance
  15. i cant change the bezels because the plastic window is glued onto it andi ont want to break it....i ordered a black one and they sent silver i didnt want to send it back lol I prolly should of though cause im not happy with it the small fan stoped working 1 week after i installed it
  16. ya i know im going slow but here is a new addition to my case inside needs cleaning waiting to get rounded cables
  17. Will onboard be faster in anyway? or will it bew the same?
  18. Quick question on NICs i have a soyo KT400 with on board LAN should I use the onboard or go with a card?
  19. I have 2 Wireless mouses on the same table one for one pc the other for the other pc one is Microsoft intelle the other is logitechs new wireless mouse wich is recharchable Ive never had any problems with either of htem working
  20. Im a dumb . I fixed it Turns out the adapter they sent with it is no good LOL
  21. I just bought a enermax eg465ax-ve 431 watt PSU every thing works..BUT the fan in the back dosnt move LOL was wondering if anyone has had this problem or maybe if its tem controlled though i dont read anything for that
  22. anyone have any idea on the Nvidia FX when it will be out?
  23. Ok folks gonna be build a new AMD system would like some ideas on what parts Money not really an object but dont wanna to go to nutz any help would be apreciated
  24. go into ur programs folder and rename the mesenger folder to messengeroff that will stop it from poping up yet still alow u to use it when u want to
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