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  1. Ok my systems is basically done for now (in sig) what i would like to know is any settings or what not i should do to get it runing its best (without overlcocking) any tweaks or what not This rig is my gaming rig
  2. I just got a ATI 9800 pro problem is as soon as the software is installed it wont boot up keeps saying unalbe to save this file unable to save that file also cannot load profile etc and it never boots can anyopne help me with this NM i got too pised and redid the OS all is good now LOL
  3. my porblem is finding a store that has the ati 9800 pro with 256mb seeing as how i dont have a checking accounti cant get it online
  4. ok guys i got around 500$ to spend on a new video card suggestions please was thinking of going for the GF FX5900 with 256mb
  5. I play bf 1942 SoF2 SWG CS andi have no isues like that rig is in sig so basically the same
  6. heres a couple of mine case 1 and a pic of my case in the dark case in dark
  7. Sorry about multiple posts i kept getting an erro ( see post in general) so i tried again later....got the same error then tried once again later got same error. I didnt even know it went thur so sorry fore the posts
  8. I keep getting this error when I try to post Mail Error! SMTP protocol failure! Host: localhost Return Code: 501 Return Msg: 501 5.5.2 Syntax error in parameters scanning "TO" Invision Power Board Error: Check your SMTP settings from the admin control panel any way i can fix it or is it server side? btw this is happening in video topic
  9. well i woke up this moring turned on my pc and fizzle fizzle POP!!!!! went my monitor so now i need a new 19" CRT monitor any reconmendations?
  10. yes you can go with one HD...how do i know Cause im doing it LOL
  11. Building for a friend he wants all the new stuff basically so im looking for Sata drives at least new Video and he wont go AMD (i tired to talk him into it) So I have to go P4
  12. Ok guys got 1500 to spend on a P4 System wanna know what i should get ( my first P4 system)dont need monitor keyboard mouse. any help much apreciated
  13. OK guys in the Manual you can use for Dual channel mode You may in stall the DIMMs in the following sequence: Sockets 1 and 3 or Sockets 2 and 3 or Sockets 1,2 and 3. I have tried all three combos and Yes you canuse all three for dual channel mode
  14. Ive swithced ram slots and i never see anything saying if its in dual boot
  15. I have heard that the rev 1.04 a7n8x boards have misreading the temp gagues i have rev 2.0 and no problems...wich rev board do you have?
  16. I just got my 3000+ and using the volcano 9 with 4 outher smart fans and my temps are at 40 idle 45 load
  17. well i was thinking of taking out Hard drive bah and using a floppy bah to put my HD in so that will give me room for something my confusion is i dont know whats what i understand blocks and what not but i look at em and get confused when they have add this and add that i dont know what i should get i want a decent one and will pay for it but i dunno if i should go for the Video cooling as well. Oh ya is it better to buy a kit or build one piece buy piece?
  18. ok ive decided to go to water cooling. But i have no knolage of this and it seems that DD is the way to go from me reading posts. However i went to the site and it TOTALY confused the hell outa me so if someone or grp of someones would help me get a kit going it would be much apreiciated all specs in sig however i plan on getting the barton 3200 and the GF fx5900 Thx in advanced. P.S My case is small also here is the Link to it Case err bumbing cause been on for 2 days but no answers
  19. Ya i got it all fixed reinstalled windows without the first disk works fine as for letting windows know the driver when u first boot up from the install disk hit F6 (xp that is) to install driver then u of corse have to have the drivers on a floppy wich u can get off the MB sight. Setup will look for the files in the A drive.. Be warned though make sure the floppy is in there first cause when i tried to put it in when it asked for it it didnt work had to put the disk in boot up off of cdrom and it saw it np
  20. OK i got the OS installed finally but still have another problem it wont boot unless i have my original HD in and then it does a dual boot selection screen wich i then can boot from but if i take out my old HD it wont boot...ive tried setting bios for diff boot devices and still nothing...any ideas?
  21. I just got myself a Segate 120gig SATA drive I would like to know the best way to set it up for gaming sugestions helpfull...oh ya and also how i can install an OS on it seeing as how XP dosnt have the driver on it for me to install it on Thx in advanced
  22. Everything i have is in my sig.. I have a Enermax Black 450 Watt PS i tired putting it in my sig but kept saying i cant put images in my Sig..ill try again some other time but all my main stats in my sig.
  23. I plan on buying this processor shortly and would like ot know what i should cool it with.. IM also looking for liquid maybe but i have This case so not much room so i would like options for both a fan and cooling any help would be much apriciated. I dont know anything about liquid cooling or what i would need i looked at DD but to much stuff and i wouldnt know what to get hehe.
  24. so wich is it supose to be is it supose to say 200 at boot up or 400?
  25. ok let me retry saying this I have Corsair xms pc3200 (2x512mb sticks) but it is only runing at 200mhz
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