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  1. everything listed is what i have already i plan on getting x800xt and a new PS the PS is what I need the most though and i know you have to pay to get a good one but what is a good 500 watt one? Is the Ultra-X-connect a good reliable PS:
  2. I was looking at the Ultra-X-Connect and was gonna go that rout but some people seem to say that the wires are too stiff to bend nicley. anyone have one and tell me if they are or if it is managable or not?
  3. yes im expecting maybe around 150$ or a little more for a 500+ one
  4. Hello all building a new pc so far specs are amd 64 3400 ati 9800 pro (will be ugrading to x800xt sometime) 1 gig corsair xms series (3200) seagate 120 stata drive sony dvd burner asus k8n-e deluxe atm i am using a 400 wat enermax and would like to upgrade to a new 500+ PS but there are so many out there that i am unsure of wich to buy. But i do know i have to spend a little to get a nice one. I am planning on putting a new ATI card in a few months and also my case has a 6 fan control and temp reader in it (thermaltake X) any sugestions on wich PS to get would be great. here is a link to my case (But its run by geocities so bandwith is limited) Thx in advanced
  5. Yes i like my system but i am building this one for a friend and have been outa the loop for about a year now so was looking to see what new stuff people like and works well
  6. hay all looking for some sugestions on everything to use i have 1000$ to spend to build a system I do some gaming but not major and i would like a sata drive and a burner and also gonna go amd any sugestions would be great thx.
  7. I love the game have 2 acounts ya it has it problems but they all do. as for lag im a steady 29 fps with a 9800 pro. Dont have any problems for my system i even have someone that plays it with below min specs and with everything turned off he plays decently without much lag unless its a heavily populated area
  8. i have logitech z680 for speakers and i can do the windows control pannel but i cannot do the nforce soundstorm control pannel...the palce where you set up what speakers you have and all that stuff
  9. Hay guys im having problems with my nforce control panel the icon shows up on the task bar but when i double click it the cursor goes to busy icon then goes back to normal cursor but the control panel dosnt pop up..anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Also i was thinking of getting the CLSB audigy 2 zs do you guys think this would be better than the soundstorm and worth it?
  10. Well i dont want to give up the 9800pro i have already so i cant do the all in wonder...Do you guys thing the USB 2.0 is better than the PCI here is a comparison link
  11. Yes i want to record shows that would be the main reson why
  12. Hay all was just wondering how many people use tv cards and if it is worth having one i was thinking of the Hauppauge 980 (wintv) card or should i get the USB one...its a 50 dollar differance
  13. hello all i just installed halo and it looks totaly like crap nothing like the screen shots im sure it got corrupted or something but i have tried to reinstall it but it still comes out looking crappy.. basically its all solid colors and the bullets look like squars and anything that has a light has a rectangle or squar of the same color around it. if anyone can help me solve this it would be great
  14. Thx for the ideas...last night i went and installed a copy of perfect disk and it stoped doing it...no idea why but hay it worked
  15. i did that already and of corse i have to reboot it goes thru the chkdisk then when i restart for anyreason it just does it agian...and again...and again i cant seem to make it stop wanting to do chkdisk
  16. Sorry about posting in the wrong place Im using XP pro and its only that drive that does it i have 3 drives in it
  17. Hiya guys/gals quick thing hopefully a quick solve every time i boot up into windows it wants to do a check disk on drive d anyone know how to stop this. I have let it go thru and finish the check disk but it still does it at every restart
  18. I was just gonna use the space my ISP provides or is that not possible?
  19. well ive been looking at some of those links and i have no idea about any of this mysql stuff all i wanted was a simple forum type thing so that the people in our guild can comunicate without actually being in the game..does anyone have any ideas on a very simple forum setup?
  20. i did look at that but its german to me no idea on how to set that up
  21. Hello all been a while i am setting up a simple website for my guild on SWG and was wondering where i can get a forum set up..that i dont have to pay for...to add to the site
  22. I am play SWG with two monitors i am playing the game right now and typing this on the other monitor i also can play SOF2 and BF192 the same way without any problems
  23. that could be but my pny GF4 never did it wich is why i think its somthign with ATI it dosnt lag when i have windows open for i have a dual monitor setup like im playing swg now and the game is running gerat and everything it only skips and jumps and LAGS way bad when the start menu is up or when the mouse over txt is up
  24. ok guys i like the way this card plays games...However i play SWG in borderless window mode my problem is that whenver i hit the windows key to bring up the start menu or the txt for icons you know when it says what it is the game and computer gets wicked laggy it jerks around alot..It only hapens when start menu is open or a mouse over txt apears anyone know how i can fix this would be much apreciated P.S also wold like to know what a good OCing of this card would be. I DL a program called Rage 3dtweak
  25. ok this is my first time doing dulies I have both my monitors working #2 as an extension what i want to know is there a way to make it so that a game plays on one and say like IM works on the other one?
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