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  1. mobo bios chip, the new one is the most up to date 0640
  2. no niether of those have happen i think it may be bad driver? or conflict
  3. thanks. i waiting for xfx to get back to me byt it my bios verison that is also new i reffered too. and yes was BSOD the it shutdown not reboot.
  4. well was during start of crashes,2 versions old this one is most up-to-date. idont know wat is BSOD IS SOZ. i stsarted in safe mode and days the Nivida software control panel is (DEV ERROR)" use are using a downrev'd NVCPL.DLL) with nvCplUI.exe--there may be crashes"
  5. i OC'd the GPU to much, and now it wont load windows all the way. it freezes, then blue screen of death, then shutsdown. irolled back driver ,cleared Cmos, restored too older time, updated drives,uninstalled Nvidia control panel ,tried to change clock setting for it, got new bios chip with newest verison, any adivice would be great ..thanks ps the mem and PSU is not the same it fortron 750w 4-12v rails, and mushkin extreme proformance 6400 2gb kit
  6. i had some OCz memory and jus bought some better mushkin memory too. can i still use the OCz with the Mushkin or do they have to be from same manufactor to avoid any kind od problems?? or do i have to only use the one kind? well the OCZ is 800 (6400) 2x 512 sticks the mushkin is 800 (6400) 2x 1gb sticks thanks for all the help fellas
  7. Actually its shutting down, no reboot. it will SHUTDOWN jus randomly, I don't get it.
  8. yes i belive the heatsink is on correctly, very sterdy, i made the surface flush across to sit completely flat and had the therm paste on correctly. my temps are never above 40 C, for CPU,MEM..my gpu runs bit warm but nuthing to worry bout but i have OCz MEM and seems it is it or the PSU may be doing it?OCz gold 800-6400 and a cheap-O PSU collmax 400w
  9. i jus built a new rig ,and installed the OS, and started installing all programs. wel that lasted bout 6-8 hours . then next day or so started shutting down i ve taken to repair shop and they say it worked jus fine. i was foolishly bought a PSU without having really did a lot of research and them and got a cheap-o coolmax, and this is what i think that my problem may be. wawhat would make it randomly shutdown? not restart. and when i do turn it back on, it won't stay on for long at all. it seems to get quicker and quickier that it shutsdown...if i dont let it sit for a while.......... i ,ve got a temp of never more than 40-c on cpu, and the pc shop said the temps are fine i have 3 temp moniters too? now windows acts funny when booting. the progress bar on the screen has got little blue lines or symbols in the box while it loads the PSU is a Coolmax 400w.
  10. i have got an asus crosshair mobo and it has auto OC since i'm new to it and i keep it on auto but when i go into gamws i can change it to AI -OC where it OC's it self ,latety runs fine for bout 5or6 hours then jus restarts is this the overclock or PSU ? i also have had problems auto updateing the bios from asus it same there no proper bios image on sever file and wont update i am dont want to risk it maneuly and not be able to boot and have to get new bios chip. ALL help is greatly apperiacated and very welcome thanks in advance! Gotta Do Wat Ya Gotta its a 400w coolmax(going to upgrade) i have no knowalge with OCing and didn't want to screw it up so i went with auto, but i did take the bios back to default, after i cleared cmos. and just keeps restarting even quicker even befor iget to the bios setup option if i wait awile then i can fully boot all the way to windows i have an after market cpu cooler TT orb on there and cpu temps never more than 40 uder heavy load i did super overclock this fairly cheap gpu and i think that may be it....but if gpu is OC too far will it shutdown the whole system like this???
  11. i would like to keep it under 100 like 60-80 Prefered is that possilbe and still have GOOD PSU?
  12. i will eventully move to duals [sli] but far down the road and with the crosshair mobo i have a ai OC ability so not to go to far and mess anythin up cuz i am first time OCer i have did a months or more worth of spec checks and reviews and wanted to know ffrom gamers of personal experiences and rememdations.
  13. MY system: -XFX GeForce 8500 GT 256MB PCI Express Video Card -Asus Crosshair mobo -AMD 64x2 5200+ 65nw -OCZ OCZ2G8001GK 1GB Kit DDR2 PC2-6400 Gold -(2) Seagate 250gb 7200 16cache HDD -sony dvd/cd burner -3 120mm fans -1 clod cathiode light -VLSystem L.I.S. MCE V.F.D. Display Unit -52-N-1 card reader :thumbs-up: looking to find better PSU i bought a coolmax 400w on sale. and afraid it will not last, or be enuff to be reliable, or not be sound investment for my components in the long run. i'v yet to install all components yet cuz of awaiting parts, but jus am weary of this PSU not being good choice in the end (don't want to risk all my new stuff for cheap psu) ive read coolmax is recomemeded. but not my model, and i dont want to go overboard with crazy PSU (750,ect)i jus want enuff to be safe and long term investment for my rig. i myself DONOT have any prior history of builds ,this is my first . i dont want to muck it up with cheap-O PSU pls help me before i go crazy! PSU help
  14. also i would try iolo very good product worth the 30 trial download i own worth every penny and iobit is very good too!
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