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  1. Bring on the Barcelonas (assuming they're gonna give the C2D a run for its money)... cheaper prices all around
  2. Do we really need that much DPI? And lol @ the trademarks... why not just "ultra slick"?
  3. Hence why I'm waiting for the "No-shackles" version... better reserve your copy
  4. Yeah, it looks cool... I'm loving the GH3 song list though... namely One by Metallica and Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce. Definitely gotta check this one out though. Maybe they'll put rickroll in... I'm pretty good at singing that song.
  5. For PCs, probably BF1942 For gaming in general, playing Goldeneye at a friend's house on N64 many years ago...
  6. Hah, can't wait for that game.
  7. Well, they might win over the approximately 30,000 hearts of people who have already pirated the game by taking out the rootkit that is SecuROM. I don't care how good the game is; I'm not going to support crap like this with my wallet. edit: Also, just a heads-up... anybody who installed the demo also got the rootkit, a small courtesy for sampling their art.
  8. I don't think I'm at liberty to say that on the forums.
  9. I'm waiting for either the cash for the 360 version or the "No-shackles" version of the PC one. Too much DRM for my tastes on the PC version.
  10. My dad went to Japan on business a few years ago, but there was a lot of time for non-business stuff as well I can ask him for some tips. I know he was in Okinawa, gotta be some historic stuff there.
  11. Case - I recommend the Antec 900, amazing case, amazing airflow... it's loud if you set the fans to high but it's a small price to pay for more airflow Mobo - An eVGA 680i or an Asus P35 would be better. Don't buy into that Fatal1ty garbage, in this case you really are paying for the brand name. Video card - Again, ditch the fatal1ty tax and get an 8800GTS 640MB Sound card - Get the normal XtremeGamer, the XRAM doesn't do much and fatal1ty has been discussed ad nauseum Drives - Nice; check out the Seagate 7200.10 drives as well, they're good Water cooling system - I don't know jack when it comes to those things. --- CPU - E6750 or E6850 are great choices PSU - Antec and SeaSonic (I think that's the name) both make good PSUs... I think you'd need at least 600W to power this system RAM - Not sure =/ ***Edit - Verran recommended this one in another topic http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820231065 *** edit - crow he could probably get an 8800GTS 640 just from going normal instead of fatal1ty
  12. Go SATA if possible, haven't heard of anyone getting a new rig with PATA in ages eVGA has great support IMO. Another nice thing is the 90 day step-up program... I think it works like this... you buy, say, an 8800GTS 640, then choose to step-up to the 8800GTX. Let's say you got a surprise bonus from work and wanna spend the spare cash... you only pay the difference between the cost of the GTS and the GTX.
  13. Alright I got it all working now After installing the patch from Microsoft I was able to boot with 4GB of RAM. As for the wireless card, I swapped it with an older one, and it worked. D-Link DWL-G510 if you're wondering.
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