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  1. This is true also.. cant wait to get tax return.. gona build my first intel rig..(want to find out for myself what all the hype is about) the Q6600 is first thing in the cart.
  2. For some ppl second place is good enough.. with money left for other things.
  3. 6TH is very respectable..exelent job frank you did us well... :thumbs-up:
  4. that would drive me insane with camera ppl crowding in like that..lol i need space when building..
  5. soon i think. they are in the pre-race briefing now
  6. Has it started yet??? how do i watch it.post link plz.
  7. If when you say to boot press any key you mean (to boot from CD press any key.) DON'T hit any key. and let it boot from HD. It may take a few seconds. if you keep hitting any key it will start the install process over again.
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