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  1. Yate Loon D12SL or Antec TRI-COOL? I have an antec P182b case and I was thinking of putting a couple Yate LOON fans in place of the stock antec's. The tri-cools are set on HI however, they do NOT seem to be moving too much air for how loud they are. So, would the Yate Loons be an improvement with noise and CFM? My computer right now has 4 120mm fans. 1 fan being a scythe SFlex on my cpu cooler and the others are stock tricool (three speed switchable) with case.
  2. Thanks!!! No more 20.00 Sflex fans for me... Nice fans, except the price tag.
  3. I purchased a scythe S flex fan for 20.00 and it seems to be nice and quiet and move a decent amount of air.. Does anyone have any other recommendations? I believe a purchased the SFLEX that moves around 63cfm P/N:sff21f. Thanks OCC! Anyone interested in an Antec Nine-Hundred Case shipped to your door for 80.00 after rebate? Nice looking case. Seems like a good deal.
  4. Low price? YES Will it work for what you explained? YES I would honestly keep looking. About a month and a half ago, I found at circuit city a mini Acer P.C. with Windows vista, keyboard, mouse, intel DUAL CORE proccessor for around that same price!!! And it included a REALLY nice Acer 20" LCD monitor free of charge. It was around 445.00 dollars and I DO BELIEVE that it was discontinued and thats why it was so inexpensive. The computer itself was like 450 but the discontinued sale made the monitor FREE! I hope I was of help. Best wishes, David
  5. I made a thread about how I had a yellow exclamation mark for my 1394 net adapter #2 under the device manager. My gigabyte p35 ds3p has onboard firewire. I fixed the yellow exclamation mark error by disabling the onboard firewire through the bios. Problem solved!!! Im so happy! It was a very simply silly fix. I have one other question I wanted to see if you guys could help me with. Q: Under device manager, double click on proccessors. Should I have TWO intel E6850's listed or only one?? I did take the CPU out after I allready had my computer up and running because I applied arctic silver 5 incorrectly and Collin from Arctic Silver recommended that I cleaned off the AS5 from my processor and Ultra 120 X and reApply it correctly. I did exactly what collin said to do But Im wonding if taking out the proccessor after the computer was allready up and running is the reason for having TWO E6850's listed under the device manager... Im also thinking that there is two because its a DUAL CORE CPU. ??? Collin from ARCTIC SILVER said that he used to be on this exact FORUM! Thats sweet! He is such an awsome guy! LIke always, Thanks OCC!
  6. Well this seems a little strange to me but My ATI software will not open when I try to open any of the G/C's software. I have Kaskpersky Internet Security and as soon as I close the program down completely. THe ATI software will open right up.
  7. IM sorry. I was just trying to get help.. I started my pc in safe mode and tryed to unistall the driver. COmputer restarted wish error MarkFun_Load_NT_Driver (after I uninstalled driver) Any help on how to fix this would be awsome.
  8. can somone please help me with this.. I need to get rid of that yellow exclamation mark!
  9. When I right click on my computer and click properties. Click on the device tab and go into the device manager. I have two different 1394 net adapter listed. 1394 Net adapter 1394 Net adapter #2 1394 Net adapter #2 has a yellow exclamation mark on it and if i double click on it it will say device can NOT start. I unplugged my SIIG firewire card p/n NN400012 and installed it onto my dads computer and it worked perfectly. SO, i put it back into my computer and I still have the exclamation mark..... HELP! I have a firewire port on the front of my computer case (antec p182) One port on the back of my gigabyte motherboard p35dsr3 and of course the three on the firewire card. All three of the ports SEEM to be working because I am able to get my Presonus Firestudio syned on the front port, the back motherboard firewire port, and synced on the firewire card... WHen i tryed uninstalling the yellow exclamation 1394 adapter after I rebooted, I got a error message saying somthing like Markfolder_driver_NN_ Somthing i cant remember it exactly. WHAT GIVES?? Im running windows xp service pack 2
  10. GIgabyte Ga-p35-Ds39 Just installed the easy tune software and I was wondering why when I go Into "easy tune 5" system enhancement tool. Under (on the bottom right hand side) called "PC health" I click HARDWARE MONITOR, It shows Voltage, Fans, and Temperature. The voltage for my E6850 is at VCoreA: 1.170 +3.3V: 3.280 +12V: 12.420 CPU VID: 1.350 THE FAN TAB IS WHAT IM REALLY CONCERNED ABOUT! ALL THREE: CPU, PWR1, and SYSTEM are flashing a Yellow and RED exclamation mark!!! CPU: 295 RPM PWR 1: 0 - Has no reading at all why? SYSTEM: 0 - Same no reading deal. What gives? I imagine that they are flashing because somthing is not correct. What should I do guys? I just got this computer running last night! My temp is at System: 31 celcius and 87 F CPU: 22 celcius and 71 F I have the thermalright ultra 120 extreme that I lapped and used arctic Silver on the cpu and H/S. I HOPE EVERTHING IS OK! This is my first build!
  11. My gigabyte M/B according to the owners manual only has 4 locations to hook up cooling fans... I need to hook up an additional 3 still. How will I get them to hook up without the locations? This is my first build and Im really nervous. I want to make sure that Its done correctly! My first built PC: Antec P182b case OcZ 700watt gamextreme psu Gskill 2gb hz memory 150 G/B raptor Hard drive (i hope thats enough space) LiteOn DVD drive Thermalright Ultra 120 extreme (I need to lap the thing! Thats kind of stinks) Its not completely flat! Gigabyte P35-DS3P MOBO Intel C2Duo E6850 Windows xp home edition
  12. I EDITED IN A THIRD RECEIVER! Looking at harman/kardon AVR240: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16882121018 - 130.00 bucks off (seems like too much of a discount) ??? Cant complain tho! HAH Denon AVR587: http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Denon-7-1-C...tDetail.do#tabs YAMAHA HTR-5860: http://www.ecost.com/detail.aspx?edp=37243428 about 100.00 dollars cheaper than newegg! The Denon is 20 bucks cheaper than the H/K but I will have to pay sales tax so its a little more expensive.. Basically they are the same price. I would love to know what would be the best to spend my money on. THe Harman/Kardon LOOKS amazing! Denon a little more plain jane. For 250.00 bucks these two seem to be the nicest (top brand) receivers on the market right now... IM OPEN TO ANY AND ALL SUGGESTIONS!! My TV is black and silver so the H/K would match REAL nice. Im looking to upgrade my 6 yr. old 5.1 sony receiver! Thanks Overclockers! For your help in advance!
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