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    Star Wars Kid Sues!

    i cant beleive i see some of what im seeing. the poor kid accidently left a video somewhere, and his jerk "friends" uploaded it to the internet. now millions upon millions of people saw a private video of the kid doing something many of us would die if someone saw us doing likewise (you know you act stupid sometimes in private) and now he is probably the most widely embarrassed person in the history of earth. i think he should get more than that, and go live somewhere by himself where he can live a life of luxury away from other people, cause its pretty obvious his life is ruined for at least a good few more years until this whole thing weeds its way out of people's memories
  2. interesting, i bought the same rounded ide cables from frozencpu.com about 2 years ago and they are still working strong. i am guessing this is user error
  3. Mercury

    O/c Barton 3000 Or 3200

    interesting, i just bought a brand new 3200+ and it overclocked like a champ, with a free multiplyer and everything. i would go with the 3200, it fights most of the overclocking battle for you, so its not hard to overclock it higher than you could with a 2500 or a 3000
  4. Mercury

    Is This Good For Oc

    hmm i dont agree with most of that asus a7n8x deluxe 2.0 ultra barton 2500+ mushkin pc3200 black series lvl2 512mb thermalrights 947u artic silver 5 video card looks good though
  5. Mercury

    Cpu Temps Arestill Too High!

    OK do this... first off, clean all the stuff off everything. then apply a small bit to the bottom of the heatsink, then buff it off until its all gone. then put a small pile on the cpu and use your finger (make sure its clean... ok that sound dirty) and spread its around the whole die. use a cloth to remove some and continue to spread it around until is is very even and a thin coat (ie, you can almost see through it, THATS how thin) then put your heatsink on the die, twist it back and forth several times, then clip it down. leave the computer on for 2 days which is how long it takes to finish its set-in phases. then you can check your tempertures.
  6. Mercury

    Water Block Creation

    ahahahhaha.. hahaahahahhahahahaha... make your own cnc? wow you could buy like a thousand vapochills for the price itd cost you to make your own cnc. do you even know how a cnc works? its a computer controlled multi axis water cooled drilling machine that uses a computer 'program' coordinates which are converted into something the machine then can drill out. its much past a common computer enthusiast's knowledge how to create such a complex machine. if i were you, i would just buy water blocks. trust me, there are people who have much more experiance and resources than you, and for the price it will cost you you can get better stuff than the junk you will probably create for the first few hundred blocks you create. currently the best waterblock on the market is the dtek white water block
  7. Mercury

    Working On Something New

    water doesnt run uphill by itself so yes a pump is needed. i suggest a eheim 1048 (3/8" system) or a 1250 (1/2" system) which you can buy from a number of places. i like your reservoir idea though
  8. Mercury

    Best Hs&f For Overclocking 2500+

    as for motherboard, get the asus, the other stated dont perform quite as well, and i dont even know what he was talking about 'options' (all motherboards have the full spectrum of available multiplyer settings, and most, including the asus, have single mhz fsb increase, there are no more multiplyer and fsb options you can get other than that). the best heatsink is thermalrights 947u, and yes it fits on the asus a7n8x deluxe 2.0 without any bending. currently the best paste is artic silver 5 by actualy quite a margin so i highly suggest it. in the fan department, if you insist on the best get a vantec 92mm tornado, which actually runs about 56 decibles. back down here on earth, i would actually suggest something like a ystech or a sunon which can push around 60 or 70 cfm but only make 40dba of noise which is much more acceptable. at a certain point fan cfm isnt going to make a difference on temperatures, and i think that is the case here. you may get one maybe two more celcius but id take that over the huge difference in noise (remember, decibles are measured on a curve, so 50 deicbles is 10 times louder than 40, not 1.25 times louder) and even then that 1-2c probably wont get you a higher overclock
  9. Mercury

    Hey Will This Work ?

    first off you need to realize that you can make heat disappear. the heat has to go somewhere, and if you dont continue to move it away from your system it will eventually just backlog back into it. the heat moves from the cpu, to the water cooling to the radiator out into the water... then thats it, it builds up there, until there is no longer enough capacity in the water to accept any more heat from the radiator and your system overheats. its much more difficult to remove heat from sitting water than water in a radiator,your just adding more useless steps, if i were you just stick to plain radiator + fans
  10. Mercury

    Water Block Creation

    cnc milling machines do quite well... do you have 2 million dollars?
  11. Mercury

    Best Heat Sink

    im not sure, but if i were you id get a thermalright 947u, they are large VERTICALLY on the mobo, and looks like you have plenty of space that way. thats the best heatsink on the market at the time its just rather large. if for some reason that wouldnt fit then i would get a coolermaster hhc-001
  12. Mercury

    What Were Your Overclocks With A 3000+

    first off, you need to calm down and realize there are only 2 ways to kill your computer, the first is restarting it while flashing the bios, and the second is heat. obviously, dont start when flashing the bios, and second, dont turn off the anti-burn feature (shuts down pc when cpu gets too hot) and youll be fine. as for everything else, its nothing resetting the cmos wont fix
  13. Mercury

    Hey Guys Look What I Made!

    few suggestions, keep the reflections, how do i say this, constant with each other, so they dont conflict. also try making some textures instead of just color, might make it look more realistic. some favorite programs i use are rhino, bryce, and calagory
  14. Mercury

    My Pc Vs. Friends

    lol doh! well at least now you can buy a faster mobo eh