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    Current: (will update with exact components when i get home... at friends right now)

    cpu - AMD FX-55?
    video - geforce 6800 ultra
    ram - 2 gigs
    Hard Drive - raptor 10000
    motherboard - msi sli premium (couple years old now)
  1. Hey guys, looking for some help with upgrading my system. First off price is not that much of an issue ... obviously nothing too out there.. but anyways. So i am a huge electronic freak... love my electronics (dont know that great a deal about them... haha ... but ya!). But i am looking to beef up my computer to take advantage of the new HD cards out there and next generation dx10. I had been looking at the geforce 8800 gtx cards out there right now... bout $600. But just wanting opinions on what i should do... I am pretty sure i should upgrade my MOBO as well because i am having trouble over clocking my ram and cpu and w/ the FX this should not be a problem so i am thinking that is the reason why!?! And also am looking to upgrade my monitor to a hd compatable monitor out there as well. What do you guys think i should upgrade versus not having to upgrade... say i upgrade to the 8800 gtx will my cpu become a bottleneck?!? stuff like that... my computer specs are going to be in my signature below... (I oppalogize for them being very very vague but i am at a friends place and will not be home till late tomarow so can not put the exact specifications... kinda just going off the top of my head!) thanks in advance C|tY`