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  1. Game: Lord Of The Rings Online Server: Evernight (EU server) Character: Man Guardian Name: Rgenhere (google ftw) Kinship: The Rangers of the North Lvl: 37
  2. lol, peter, bench on the mobo box
  3. Count me in Jammin. Got my TRUE in this time Not like the crappy freezer 7 i had at the last 1! Hmm, 3d 2k1 is annoying, but at least it runs on Vista x64, but dunno bout the score, might dual boot XP
  4. Progressions of my desk, starting when i got the PC: This is the rig that powers it all
  5. Looks good! Was about to slag the review for it outperforming the gts 280, but had forgotten that this was a FTW edition card
  6. why get IDE optical drives? why not SATA? and again, why the 700W psu?
  7. from what i have heard the board you have now chosen is awesome. altho i would just make sure that u have speced enough HDD space!
  8. Looks good, those cases are hard to wire manage without modding! (I know, i have 1 lol)
  9. the title of ur thread says $5500! that build looks grand, good choices all round as far as i know!
  10. ccoke, can u link me to the vid encoder, or is it off limits atm?
  11. slight OT question, but will the CUDA apps that are used in the review work on an 8800GTS? cos i like the look of that vid encoder!
  12. yeah, a P35 or new P45 chipset would be a much more sensible choice imo as you are not looking to go dual cards with this build, and the e8500 cpu is a bit more expensive for 160mhz, when the e8400 clocks nearly as high on good air cooling. appart from those, solid build, and i like the thermaltake case better
  13. Subaru Legacy or something?
  14. i dunno but i was thinking a +4 rather than a plus 8? Go anyway, it seems like u wont get verifacation lol
  15. I have seen the HP screen in a 22" version and it looks awesome! The reflective coating is quite reflective tho.
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