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  1. J-Stew

    What Mmo / Mmorpg Games Occ Members Are Playing

    Game: Lord Of The Rings Online Server: Evernight (EU server) Character: Man Guardian Name: Rgenhere (google ftw) Kinship: The Rangers of the North Lvl: 37
  2. J-Stew

    Forum Wars Sign-up Thread

    lol, peter, bench on the mobo box
  3. J-Stew

    Forum Wars Sign-up Thread

    Count me in Jammin. Got my TRUE in this time Not like the crappy freezer 7 i had at the last 1! Hmm, 3d 2k1 is annoying, but at least it runs on Vista x64, but dunno bout the score, might dual boot XP
  4. J-Stew

    Post Your Workstation!

    Progressions of my desk, starting when i got the PC: This is the rig that powers it all
  5. J-Stew

    Evga Gtx 260 On The Test Bench

    Looks good! Was about to slag the review for it outperforming the gts 280, but had forgotten that this was a FTW edition card
  6. J-Stew

    University Desktop

    why get IDE optical drives? why not SATA? and again, why the 700W psu?
  7. J-Stew

    Review My Build

    from what i have heard the board you have now chosen is awesome. altho i would just make sure that u have speced enough HDD space!
  8. J-Stew

    Finished My Friends New Rig

    Looks good, those cases are hard to wire manage without modding! (I know, i have 1 lol)
  9. J-Stew

    Review My Build

    the title of ur thread says $5500! that build looks grand, good choices all round as far as i know!
  10. J-Stew

    Nvidias Hottest Weapon Benched!

    ccoke, can u link me to the vid encoder, or is it off limits atm?
  11. J-Stew

    Nvidias Hottest Weapon Benched!

    slight OT question, but will the CUDA apps that are used in the review work on an 8800GTS? cos i like the look of that vid encoder!
  12. J-Stew

    New System... Need Some Input

    yeah, a P35 or new P45 chipset would be a much more sensible choice imo as you are not looking to go dual cards with this build, and the e8500 cpu is a bit more expensive for 160mhz, when the e8400 clocks nearly as high on good air cooling. appart from those, solid build, and i like the thermaltake case better
  13. J-Stew

    Name That Car!

    Subaru Legacy or something?
  14. J-Stew

    Name That Car!

    i dunno but i was thinking a +4 rather than a plus 8? Go anyway, it seems like u wont get verifacation lol
  15. J-Stew

    Which Is Better

    I have seen the HP screen in a 22" version and it looks awesome! The reflective coating is quite reflective tho.