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  1. Hello, I was wondering if someone can shed some light on the topic of different versions of the GTX 460. I am about to purchase a new card and have run into many versions such as gigabyte, Asus, EVGA and earlier today Palit. I have a hard enough time trying to figure out the differences (if there are many real ones) besides some smaller features each version has to offer. The card is going to cost me about 225 AUD overall which is a decent price. The real confusion came today when I discovered the Palit model. http://www.megaware.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=103807 To me it appears be stock overcloaked and slightly different. It is also a tiny bit more expensive. Before this discovery the model I picked up had no real significance, now I am considering getting the Palit version. Basically I just want to know if it is worth getting the Palit version. I likely would not overclock a standard version because of my setup/OC knowledge. So is it worth getting? Is the 460 the right choice to begin with?(reading around would suggest yes) Will I run into SLI issues if I tried to run another 460 card that was not the same model as the Palit? I intend on getting a second card in less then a month so :S. Thank you for your time and I hope for some straightforward responses that can dispel any of my current doubts xD
  2. Thank you a heap man, this will likely solve the problem. It was set to 20 minutes so it is very likely that this was causing the issue ^^. I'll let ya know how it turns out but I am thinking it may be fixed xD
  3. Hello, I wasn't even sure what I should put in the title since I myself am not 100% on what is happening either. I recently changed to Windows 7 about 2 months ago and am noticing a peculiar trait that it has comparatively to what I was using before, Windows XP. I am noticing that the hard drives are doing this weird hibernate thing when not being used, even though I am on my com most of the time. If I go into them or open anything on the hard drives the content freezes for a moment(not my computer) and I hear the sound of like something powering up in my computer and then a release, then it let's me run the program. It does it for all 3 of my hard drives and is insanely annoying, it can do it when booting games causing really long butt boot times and it can also do it streaming media off the actual hard drive, it will freeze the media while its playing and then do the boot noise, then it will continue playing the media. Also it will start playing the audio before the picture and the video will spaz out for like 10 seconds trying to sync again with the audio, it always does though. If I was to describe the sound, it sounds like something suddenly starts rotating a lot faster, like say a fan or the HD, then it kind makes a noise similar to something clicking over or the likes. It may not even be a hard drive issue. One thing I know for sure though is it is something to do with priority's and likely power saving modes. Can anyone help me solve this issue? It would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Ok I jus plugged my 5.1 in. They are messed up to it seems. All of the sound is coming from the 2 front speakers. Only one of my plugs is receiving any sound at all. If I hit the option speaker fill I can get some sound from the other speakers.
  5. I mean as soon as the drums come in as well it brings down the other sounds to. I am gonna plug my 5.1 in and see how it goes.
  6. You know this problem I am having is reminding me of what would happen with exp. When it recognized my headphones as speakers instead of actual headphones. The result was a good deal of sound loss. One thing I am really noticing is that the treble is ok but it sounds like bassier parts are being toned down. I am listening to Holy Wars... The Punishment Due and the treble at the start sounds great, as soon as the drumming starts to compliment the guitars though the sound loss comes in.
  7. I am trying those things now. This problem is really starting to . me.
  8. Here is what I got . I haven't tried the Windows Live thing but i'll give it a go now.
  9. I did change from a 32 bit OS to a 64 bit. Ill test some of the things mentioned now to see what I end up with. Thanks. Back in a few minutes xD
  10. Heya, can anyone offer me some help? I recently changed to Windows 7 and I am finding that my headphone volume has reached seafood levels. It is heaps low now compared to when I had XP. No matter what I try I cannot seem to find a way to turn them up. Is there any specific reason as to why the volume is lower on windows 7? It is almost infuriating since I forked out 130 bucks recently to have a decent pair of headphones to only have my sound gimped by my new OS Also I am noticing the sound levels are fluctuating. Like some of the volume seems to be lowering itself to compensate for other sound. I am noticing it a . tonne through the song Hanger 18. It has them set as speakers I think and I cannot FKING CHANGE IT. Infuriating.
  11. Hi, I was wondering whether or not anyone can help me with suggestions on building a new PC. My price range currently is 2500-3000 AUD. I do not mind if it was to go a little higher though. I am really going to be using this computer for gaming. The only things I am going to keep of my current desktop are my monitor my mouse and keyboard lol. My tower is all going to be new. I have been out of the PC market for a while now so my current knowledge of what is good is a bit off. That is why I want to know if anyone has any good suggestions as to what I should purchase. Probably have to take into account that I live in Australia as well and will likely have limitations on some of the hardware I can purchase. Any and all suggestions would be welcome. Also if anyone of any good sites I can purchase the suggested hardware from in Aus then it would also be appreciated. Thank you for your time
  12. I stopped it at 150%. It was clear that the other stick was indeed faulty. This working one could be potentially be faulty as well but I have already ordered some more RAM. I have noticed that since I have had a single stick of RAM in (the working one) I have not had a single crash. I can play any game I wish. The working RAM will come out tomorrow anyways xD. Thanks for the help btw guys. Helped my identify the issue.
  13. I ran a Memtest on my second stick of RAM and It ran without errors until 150% >.> I am going to try the same stick in the other channel now to see if I can replicate the same results. *** I just ran the working stick in the slot that the other stick was receiving errors in. It ran to 100% again. I think it is safe to conclude that the issue has been with this single stick of RAM this whole time >.>
  14. I took one of the sticks out and ran Memtest on a single one of the sticks. It got to about 30% and an error popped up briefly saying Windows has determined that your ........pair....... Lol I wasn't really able to read it but it was an error that restarted my PC. I am going to try the other stick of RAM now. I managed to get a ok res picture of the error before it dissappeared lol. The camera is kinda cheap but you can read what was captured relatively easily. http://img15.imageshack.us/i/picturerpp.jpg/ The image is a 2mg Jpeg. Sorry >.>
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