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  1. I would take c++ myself. Though I hate math, and programming in general
  2. Wow dood. This is my first day on this site and I stumble across this thread. I am more amazed that you have tackled etching at your home. Etching is not the simplistic of hobbies to tackle. I mean, I guess it could be, but here at work we use big horizontal etching machines. We also use ferric chloride for most metals (copper, brass, SS, Kovar, Invar, CRS, Nickel Silver and so on). I like your methodology of ironing on your design. We use giant printers and photoresistant lamination. Great stuff... I've only been in the chemical etching business for a little less then 2 years and this job just fascinates me.
  3. La4ours

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    Hehehe... No worries. It's actually from Mallrats.. NO I do not have a straw hat (want one though) and I actually have never seen Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid....I should, as I've heard it's a great movie. Thanks to all the warm welcomes.
  4. La4ours

    Newbie Here!

    Hey guys. Stumbled across this site and thought I'd stumble around here for a bit. Not new to computers but am fairly new to Overclocking. Anyways, I hope to aquire some good info during my stay. Thanks in advance to any and all who answer my questions.
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