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  1. Yes, actually it's a problem with all of the houses. The new management brought electricians in around late August to investigate all of this, came to the conclusion that every single house had this same issue (Less noticable in 90% of them as the non-renovated ones didn't come with included microwaves and dishwasher (1.2 kW and 1.5kW respectively)). I didn't call the guy a "moron" for the sake of being all high and mighty, I did it because it was a really shoddy job. The problem is, redoing the wiring in every place is extremely difficult, especially since they're all occupied units. They've performed it on one empty unit, and was successful but time consuming and extremely messy. I'm next up but that likely won't happen until spring. Thus why I'm looking for a solution for now. I've already waited to long to do something.
  2. It's a rental property, so getting it rewired is actually being presently explored, but there's not a whole lot I can do at the moment. That's why I'm looking at getting something to at least help out until a resolution is in place. And yes, every single townhouse in this area has the same problem. I'm the one who brought the issue to their attention, but until it's fixed I'd like to not destroy everything I own.
  3. I doubt it's a spike, and my money's on a dip. Among other things strange behavior started happening on a few pieces of electronics - high pitched squeeling every so often on my 32" big butt CRT HDTV (Thing's like ten years old, but has been fine until coming to this place where the power is a little screwed up), original playstation started randomly resetting, Xbox 360 S started having the disc tray randomly eject (On three separate units, and would almost never do so if there wasn't much else turned on). The reason why I suspect an overarching power issue is that my place was wired together by a complete moron, I can safely say that since the entire downstairs including all of the kitchen sans fridge and oven are all on one circuit. Also, I know it's not the power strips as I've changed them out and that's done nothing. Talked with some people I work with (Electrical Engineer) and agree with my suspicion that there's something wonky going on with the power. I've been debating a UPS or something like this for awhile, but seeing as it's only been getting worse I'm getting closer to actually doing so.
  4. Throw it out there. I can spend a lot more, just didn't particularly want to.
  5. Due to certain issues with my current residence and various symptoms that have shown up in a number of pieces of electronic equipment as of late I'm looking into something to perform power line conditioning. I get the jist of what it's supposed to do (Although it seems every model has varying features), but I'm still a little skeptical that it's actually worth investing into. That's why I'm here. Can anybody tell me if it's worth investing in something to perform this? What all should I be looking for if what matters most is rock solid, clean 120V? Any recommended brand or model for around or under $100? I'd really appreciate some thoughts on this. The issues I've been dealing with at my place are driving me bonkers at this point, and being unable to pinpoint exactly what needs done is only making it worse. Maybe with some help here I can at least move in the right direction.
  6. So I'm attempting to find a web filter and would like some assistance. It's to be used by a small law firm with 28 users on the network. Right now the model being looked at (Suggested by the tech person there) is a barracuda model 210. Price range for this purchase is roughly $2000-3000. I don't really know any more details on this, I'm just attempting to help them find the best solution for the money. I know there has to be some people here with some knowledge on the subject, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Holy hell, I have absolutely never won anything on this scale before. I'm honestly at a loss for words. Thanks OCC!
  8. Cool, two contests in a row I came out with something. A new PSU should be a good start for planning a summer build. Thanks OCC! And of course
  9. Do you have to be active for the entire 3 weeks or only partially? I'm going home on break on the 27th and won't be back til March 8th and don't want to leave my computer on simply to fold if I don't have to (But the prizes have me interested so i don't want to disqualify myself). Stupid electrical bill.
  10. Mediamonkey can convert to wav for free, so there's always that. Without any additional plugins though like I have right now it seems to not let me change the sampling rate for it, but I'm sure you can get a free plugin for it that has better support. For barebones conversion though it will work for you.
  11. My 7900 GT KO which I had OC'ed the entire duration of me owning it (Was approximately 2 years even) up and died on me this past summer. I sent it in to eVGA and thanks to their wonderful lifetime warranty they sent me an 8800 GTS 320. No problem whatsoever in the process. It was quick, they had fantastic customer support, and I got a shiny new video card cause my old one died for no charge other than shipping. Ok, it was probably a refurb, but who cares, the warranty still stands so if this one dies I'd get another card thanks to the warranty. In short, don't worry if you have an eVGA card, unless there's physical damage to the circuit board they're not going to care what you do with it.
  12. My heart nearly stopped watching that play. That one is going to be remembered for a long time.
  13. http://www.atdhe.net/live-tv-2891.html Seems to be pretty decent quality.
  14. Two years back my reservoir was cracked and I didn't notice it for at least a few months. I was rather fortunate that the only thing the leak was remotely close to was the hard drive. It pretty much just ran down the side though so it wasn't a big deal. For those who wonder how it took me so long to notice: the crack was so tiny and the amount of water seeping through was so little that it probably amounted to a tablespoon of it over the course of a month or two. Near the end it got real nasty though, and that was when I noticed it. Thank god it was ok cause I most certainly could not have afforded a new computer.
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