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  1. My 99 civic wont even let me put it in first unless im going under 10mph or so, and belive me i hit that rev limiter more times than i can count trying to keep up with you Si, in my little EX.
  2. my internet only works every now and then when i goto repair the connection it tells me "The following steps of the repair operation failed: Purging and reloading the remote cache name tableof NetBT. sending name and release packets to WINS and then starting refresh. purging the DNS resolver chache." but i can still get online but its very slow and times out a lot any ideas ? im hooked up ethernet directly to the time warrner cable modem.
  3. do you have the 750$ ? if you can id say buy it, fix it and sell it for twice what you bought it for, it will give you some experience in working on cars and those hondas can run forever, the first place id check is the starter relay ...
  4. Well i guess i just solved my own problem i posted those screen shots from her laptop and they were all messed up but they look fine to me on my machine, LCD it is, thanks guys
  5. Okay, My Fiance's laptop started wiggin out a few months ago the LCD is showing colours all backwards and Video is garbled and unwatchable. any ideas? its a Dell Inspiron 1150
  6. ive seen a handleful of ferraris the and a few lamborghinis but i got to sit in a 05 GT and rev it !!!! it was awsome, i did a home theater for this guy who had a the new Mclaren Mercedes in his garage i wanted to jump him and find they keys
  7. just inhale some bug spray and forget about it, or smoke a cigarette that should kill it, can you feel it flying around in you lung if so you could also try to stab it through your chest with an icepick. but really dont do any of those unless you really need a cigarette either way it makes a good story for poker night
  8. okay so i got a norton anti-virus pop-up that says it found a virus and deleted it, but i click okay and another one pops right up after it saying the same thing about the same file ? ive clicked okay about 50 billion times but to no avail it keeps poping up maybe ?!? all the virus does is change my IE homepage but i dont use IE so i dont care this is probably the first time i want norton to not work just in case the virus is Trojan.StartPage and its in C:\WINDOWS\bhoass.dll
  9. im in Texas i got a single response follwed by nothing, i bet its your firewall
  10. how about dont turn your PC off .... ever ive been up and running for almost a week now (not my longest but close)
  11. okay i was recently hit with a ton of spyware/viruses and have just made the switch to Firefox, however i still cannot change my background ( see picture) ive made severla scans with nortin and adaware and i have no viruses and everytime i scan with adaware i always have more spyware no matter how many times i remove it. any ideas ?
  12. ive had the same viewsonic LCD for 4 years and i never turn it off unless im oging to bed or leaving the house, but there have been occasions where i left it on overnight or for the weekend when i left the house, not 1 bad pixel no burn in, i think it should last me til im a millionaire and i go buy 2 21" BenQs
  13. you guys are so good a telling me just what i need to hear
  14. it time for spring cleaning but i dont have enough room to back up all my stuff is there a way to make a partitian(SP) on a currently used drive to use as a back up while you format the rest of it ? ive got like 40-50gigs of stuff i dont want to loose im a pack-rat
  15. there is no way that was photoshopped, its real, next intel is going to write "PENTIUM POWER" in the AMD headquarters parking lot with a giant space laser
  16. try unplugging your gamepad or recalibrating it that may solve your issue, i have a problem to (not to hijack) but everytime i get to 5th gear windows wants to turn on sticky keys stupid windows
  17. welcome back, ive been trapped in my house without a car, money or food for about 3 days now a few weeks out on the road sounds like fun compaired to 12 hours of bordom followed by 12 hours of sleep
  18. smeghead009


    Welcome ot the cult...errr i mean club
  19. Samurai Champloo anyone ? Bebop and Trigun have got to be my favs Inuyasha is good too and lets not forget Dragon Ball Z !
  20. Roadkill is that one of those barbers chairs ? i want one
  21. either way i need this filled out by someone by 1:30pm tommarow (22nd) can anyone help ?!?
  22. a broken wastegate ? like on the turbo ? is it stuck open or closed ? if its stuck open then your not getting any boost from the turbo it shouldnt hurt the car but it wont help it any, if its stuck closed then you may be running to much boost which could blow something up. look up your engine modle number and try and find a replacement part if you take it somewhere you dont know what theyll do, they may want to replace the entire turbo whihc could be really expensive, the best time to learn about cars is when something is broken, neccesity is the mother of invention. Verran beat me by a matter of seconds and again verran love the avatar
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