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  1. This is just Toast for QUAD cores. You can still download Toast from majorgeeks.com and run two instances for dual cores. Old OC'rs been doing this since back in the day. Called 'Toasting' or starving your CPU of VCore. If you do this at stock, then it usually allows higher FSB when OC'ing @ same VCore as before toasting (usually 20 to 50 more MHz). You can read all about it by googling 'CPU Toast'
  2. What kind of processor and mobo? Did you plug in the aux 4 pin +12V connector so the PC gets juice? The 4 pin slot usually is located near the CPU slot and needs to be attached as well as the 20 pin ATX connector from the PSU. I'm assuming this is older hardware and deosn't require a 6 pin aux connector, and a 24 pin ATX connector.
  3. Room temp has a major effect on computer temps. I live in AZ, and therefore only run my rigs OC'd in the fall, Winter and early spring. Even with air in the summer, we keep the house at 80F (can't afford the electric bills ), and this has a +15C impact on temps. In the cool months, I just need the window open in my office, and room temps run in the 60s - 70s during the day. OC'ing in AZ....it's a Winter Sport!!
  4. graysky - nice work! Some interesting links as well. Should be helpful to most n00bs as you suggest. Cheers, MM
  5. Abit's uGuru does it from within WIN for Abit main boards. You could check if Clockgen supports your particular main board. It has saved profiles to allow switching within WIN as you desire, and Clockgen has always been 'on the fly' and doesn't require a restart. Linky Clockgen MM
  6. I replaced the TIM on the NB and SB of my IN9. The mosfet cooler is connected by heat-pipes to the NB and SB, and Abit uses a Thermal Tape on the mosfet HS. The gap between this HS is a little wider than between the NB and it's HS and the SB and it's HS, so you need to fold this tape in half to double the thickness (seems other mobos with the multi-HS / HP set up are similar). Also, you need to do this before you run the mobo for long or OC, as the Thermal tape melts after operation, and if you remove the HS/HP assembly then, it can be pretty difficult to get off and reuse (you essentially have to clean it off and replace it with a couple layers of TIM). As for doing it, on the IN9 it was easy as the whole assembly is attached to the mainboard with spring loaded pushpins (on the SB HS ,on the NB HS, and one on each side of the mosfet HS). I removed, cleaned the TIM off the NB, and SB, folded the original thermal tape on the mosfet HS, then applied AS5 to the NB and SB. Reinstalled. Done. I added a 10x10x40 mm SilenX Fan to the NB HS, and my CNPS9500 blows toward the case back, which has an ADDA 120mm exhaust fan, so lots of air going over the mosfet HS. I think the SilenX on the NB does more to keep the mosfets cooler though, as the heat from them goes through the HP to the NB, and the NB fan runs @ 5400 rpm (inaudible;SilenX are awesomely quiet!). MM
  7. Missile Maker

    Hi all!

    Hi all, Just wanted to introduce myself. Not really new to computers or OC'ing. Was longtime member of AMD Forums back in the day. Currently on Abit forums and [H]ardOCP, but have read many good articles/reviews here and browsed your forums, so decided to join and see what I can contribute and learn. Cheers, MM
  8. I have the exact same problem with a 9800XT. Mobo works great with my nVidia 6800GT and even an old Voodoo3 pci card. Can any of the DFI support folks who are moderators answer this? I RMA'd the mobo back to DFI, and they of course said it works perfectly (which is true if you use an nVidia AGP card to test it), but can't get the Ati card to work at all, and disabling Fastwrite, Sideband addressing or changing to 4X in BIOS doesn't help at all. WAD UP DFI? MM PS I may be a DFI Rookie on this Forum, but I'm an AMD Power User over onAMD Forums: My Rig: Athlon64 3700+ Clawhammer OC'd to 2.54GHz (CG Stepping) TT Silent Boost K8 All Cu HSF 2X512 Corsair VS DDR400 @ 2.5-3-3-6 2T 2x80Gb DM9 SATA Raid 0 1 x 160Gb AC Xtreme Files F1-B NEC ND2500A DVD RW LiteOn 52x32x52 CD-RW Antec True Blue 480W PSU (+12V @ 28 amps)
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