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    Intel Core 2 E6600 @2.4GHz | Asus P5B Deluxe WiFi | 2 GB Crucial Ballistix DDR2 1066 | Raptor X | BFG GeForce 7800 GTX 256 MB | Audigy 2ZS | Creative THX 5.1 | Lapped Tuniq Tower 120 | Antec Neo 480W | G7 Laser
  1. The above post (thread starter) was in response to how my computer behaved two weeks ago when I first received my new GTX 480, however after stressing the hell out of my card for the two weeks that I've have it the BSOD seem a but on vacation. I found a 100% stable OC @ 880MHz/1760MHz/4200MHz memory @ 1.125v 58C loaded at a room temperature of 76 degrees fahrenheit. Here's the strange thing, lastnight I thought I would re-install the LEDs and push my OC to 905MHz/1810MHz/4200MHz @ 1.138v just to confirm my earlier findings. What happened next was a surprise to say the least, not only did my OC of 905MHz/1810MHz/4200MHz @ 1.138v with (52C loaded) the exact same room temperature of 76 degrees fahrenheit I passed 6 hours of OC Scanner ("Power Draw Control" enabled) where before it was impossible do to crashing and repeated BSODs! As if things couldn't get anymore complicated, what changed in those two weeks of stressing testing my card? Your help is much appreciated! -Systemlord Water cooled GTX 480.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm having some strange problems with my current system (see sig) and it seems that my overclocked GTX 480 and/or my Enermax Infinity 720 watt power supply might be having problems, but I'm no expert. When I first installed my water cooled GTX 480 and began overclocking it to 905MHz/1810MHz/4200MHz @ 1.125v 52-54C loaded it immediately began a series of repeated BSOD with the screenshot at bottom of post. Before the BSOD would happen the OCCT and OC Scanner would get all wacked out with the letters and numbers would become smeared square pixels that were unreadable then the BSOD would happen. So I decided to remove two EK LED kits for both my EK X-Top V2 pump top and my EK Supreme HF CPU cooling block, to my surprise after removing both LED kits the BSOD stopped for good. After removing those LED kits I was able to overclock a little further without BSOD but not by much, some have stated that my power supply is nowhere near its limits yet the symptoms says otherwise, is there a way to truly find out if my power supply is at its limits without spending a fortune? Thank you and much appreciated, Systemlord.
  3. You can't directly compare Nvidia and ATI's clock frequencies, Nvidia GPUs clock per clock show more gains than with ATI's GPUs.
  4. Cooking eggs is no problem it's getting them overeasy that's difficult. I've played Far Cry 2, Crysis and everything I can think of to make my card defrost and cook a pizza. My Core is stable @ 852MHz, Shader 1704MHz and Memory is now 4200MHz, I feel if I want more then my water cooling system will be needed! So far I have my DD Black Ice 4 x 120mm rad, DD-RAD-Reservoir that looks high tech! Does anyone know where I might find some compression fittings that look really nice?
  5. I went ahead and bumped the voltage up using MSI Afterburner from 1.000 to 1.138 and the artifacting disappeared in an instant. I found a very stable overclock att 852MHz core, 1704 Shader and Memory stock at 3700MHz. Anything more will require a water cooling system to further reduce heat. ATI Tool caught the artifacting before any other overclocking program did, even FurMark. Guru's website says MSI Afterburner with it's voltage range is safe up to the max voltage, temperatures are good. I'll be buying a Danger Den water block in the next few months, already have the huge Black Ice 4x120mm radiator.
  6. Question about overclocking these GTX 470/480's, when you start seeing artifacting is it time to increase the voltage? Thermals are low. Thanks, Systemlord.
  7. Well Nvidia gave the GTX 470/480 tessellation because that's what the Dev's wanted, tessellation is the next logical step in graphics! Dev's will use what's available to them so long as it's not a royal pain to program for! My guess is there are games in development that will use tessellation, whether it's a good time to buy now is anyones guess. I bet by the end of the year Nvidia will introduce a newer high-end product, GTX 485 anyone... I could only imagine a GTX 495's dual GPU heat and power requirements! I commend ATI for their single PCB design, why the hell hasn't Nvidia followed suit?
  8. I have had the EVGA GTX 480 for two days and it's starting to show very impressive overclocks in the core @ 900MHz +, Shaders @ 1600-1800MHz! Those that truly want the GTX 480 to shine are those with a Danger Den water cooling solution, water cooling seems to be the only way to get the clocks that Nvidia wanted with their finished product. With the fan speed at 70% my idle temps are 40 flat with the stock cooler, the GTX 480 received a bios update recently to drop temps by about 10C. With the fan at 70% it sounds the same as my 8800GTX fan at 100%, but the GTX 480 is a little quieter! Typical over clocks are past 800MHz on the Core with the name brand such as EVGA, EVGA is the only manufacturer that honors their warranty even if the stock cooler was remove, but you do have to re-installed the fan cooler upon RMA. My 8800GTX idled at 55C, the GTX 480 clocks down like the Intels quad cores on the Memory, Shader and GPU. You do need a full tower case to get good temps on air! Regards, Systemlord.
  9. Hi, I'm running my 8800GTX with Nvidia driver version 196.21 and RivaTuner V2.24 after a fresh installation of Windows XP, my overclock settings revert back to default once I close RivaTuner. Also missing is my Shader overclocking tab, how do I get RivaTuner to remember my overclock settings? Don't be shy. Thanks, Systemlord.
  10. Alright, yesterday when Windows was hanging I tried lauching some applications and received the warning logs under Event Viewer. Why my computer doesn't have any problems during the use of the computer is beyond me, I have installed Windows XP three times with the same problem. Anyone have a clue to the error warnings? Thank you all, Systemlord.
  11. I may have left something out of this thread that should have been mentioned before now, for over two and half years now since I built this computer I have had windows hang right after post while Windows is loading maybe once in every six months. I didn't care since it was so rare, it has hanged twice today, but not on "Turn Off" or Restart. I'm thinking it's a bios issue or setting, I've had four different Windows XP installs since I built this computer. It's hard to believe that this has anything to do with software, but what else could cause a freeze up during Windows loading up after post or turning off the computer? What bios setting could cause Windows load-up to freeze? I have stress tested this computer today without so much as a hiccup, here's my full test results for my Raptor hard drive using Western Digital's Data Lifeguard Diagnostics Utility, Test Option: QUICK TEST Model Number: WDC WD1500ADFD-00NLR1 Unit Serial Number: WD-xxxxxxxxxxxx Firmware Number: 20.07P20 Capacity: 150.04 GB SMART Status: PASS Test Result: PASS Test Time: 22:14:16, March 03, 2010 Test Option: EXTENDED TEST Model Number: WDC WD1500ADFD-00NLR1 Unit Serial Number: WD-xxxxxxxxxxxxx Firmware Number: 20.07P20 Capacity: 150.04 GB SMART Status: PASS Test Result: PASS Test Time: 22:33:14, March 03, 2010
  12. Hi everyone, Boy have I been bussy the last two days, two nights ago I was attached by a nasty virus that wouldn't let me do anything to counter it! When I tried to attempt a "System Restore" the virus was there to block me, any attempt to do anything other than "Restart" or "Turn Off" my computer resulted in a brickwall! After I restored three months back everything seemed fine for a while, then my Raptor 10k drive started intense activity when nothing was actually happening, it was almost never ending! So I decided to wipe everything and start over with a fresh install of Windows XP, after fully updating and installing sound/videocard drivers Windows XP would sit there and hang for minutes after clicking "Turn Off". While Windows was hanging for those few minutes I was able to move my mouse around and when I tried to start any one of my programs I would get an error message saying, "The application failed to intialize because Windows is shutting down". I found NO error logs in "Event Viewer" under "Application" and/or "System". So I thought why not just start out fresh again, so I did another fresh OS install of Windows XP. This time around when I installed Windows XP for the second time I created a clean fresh restore point without any drivers installed in case I had any problems, on the second fresh install I had hanging issues again so I restored to that clean fresh restore point. I still have no drivers installed and I'm going to keep it this way for a few days, then I'll install one driver every two days so that if my hanging problem starts happening again I'll know which driver is causing the hanging issue. Really the only drivers installed were my Nvidia and Creative drivers with a few games, I don't know how either of these drivers could cause Windows to hang for several minutes. My OS is fully updated and very responsive, it now turns off very quickly! I haven't been able to recreate the hanging issues when Turning Off or Restarting my computer, now that everything is fully updated what else can I do to diagnose a potential problem with say my Raptor hard drive? Maybe a Bios issue, motherboard did fine on the Prime95 and Memtest overnight, what would normally be the cause for Windows hanging upon Turning Off or Restarting? Thanks, Systemlord.
  13. I love the working in the dark, I've never had any issues with my NEC's OptiClear screen. Some of the best displays (Panasonic TC-P65V10) are somewhat glossy, if you have control over the light it's no problem.
  14. None recommended have a glossy screen, must have a glossy screen.
  15. While my 19 incher can do 60Hz, it also has a 75Hz setting which I do see a noticeable difference. I've seen 85Hz 24" LCDs before, your link to the Samsung LCD has a 56-75Hz refresh rate. Does it have a glossy screen?
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