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  1. I ordered and ASUS mobo from them in the fall and it was DOA. However, when I called them, they were very quick to help solve my problem. I needed a mobo ASAP, so the guy gave me an extra $25 to spend (since they didn't have any more of the original one I bought in stock). All I had to do was pay for the second one with my credit card. They sent it via FEDEX OVERNIGHT for FREE, then, when I sent my other one back, they refunded my money, including my original shipping costs. So, basically, I got a $25 discount on an ASUS mobo with free overnight shipping.....I would deal with them again in a heartbeat.
  2. Yeah, I think the tool you're talking about is a jigsaw... ...good description, though!
  3. I think this was meant to be a reply, instead of a new thread... Here's the link to the other thread...for others to see: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.p...t=ST&f=8&t=5228
  4. Your price seems a bit high...you can get 256MB of DDR for $30 from a lot of places (after rebate) If you want to drop your price, let me know...
  5. If you're going to tuck them in the empty bays, why would you even bother cutting them off? It's going to take up just as much room in there to have a wire nut on each wire as it will to leave the connectors on... ...just my $.02
  6. Volcano 9 It dropped the temps on my 2000 approximately 10 degrees.
  7. I got a Volcano 9 for my AMD, and I dropped my temps 10-12 degrees C.
  8. Try this: '============================== 'SendSMTPEmail 'Sends an email through SMTP '============================== Public Sub SendSMTPEmail(aTo, aFrom, aSubject, aText) Dim CDONTSMail Set CDONTSMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail") CDONTSMail.To = aTo CDONTSMail.From = aFrom CDONTSMail.Subject = aSubject CDONTSMail.Body = aText CDONTSMail.Send Set CDONTSMail=nothing End Sub
  9. you have to put a "/" before the end "quote" tag.... like this:
  10. It is MY website that I'm trying to print from I am designing an online database system for a company, and I want them to be able to print invoices from this online application. I don't want them to have to send invoices to clients with that unnecessary information on them. ZERO plagiarism
  11. Is there any way to print a page from the browser without showing the header and footer (page number, page title, date, and web site)? Thanks!!
  12. Sounds like a pretty cool mod... ...my chieftec tower has little feet that are about 1" up...that would probably be enough to get the air in there....hmmm...
  13. I want to go to a college like that!
  14. it's pretty tough to cut the window with a razor...you have to score (sp?) it VERY deep to be sure it's going to break along that line. I'd recommend using something that will actually CUT it...instead of having to snap it off (I know from experience:angry:) As for the window....it might be pretty tough to get a perfectly straight/smooth edge....I wouldn't rule out the rubber molding. Just my $.02...
  15. Good call on the blue... ...some red tubes give off a pink color...unless you're in to pink
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