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  1. it depends on which stepping you own. my LCBQE 0711 SPAW is known to hit 60 on stock volts. however i have ihs removed and runing it on LCS XP. so max load is 45
  2. i would go with the d-tek fuzion. i'm using it right now and i love it . my naked 110W TDP opteron runs at 41 degrees load on 1.425v. and less important it idles at around 22-30 degrees.
  3. if you want optimal cooling for your vid cards i would get another pump and put it in a separate loop. and since the gtx's dish out alot of heat you might wanna Y split a 1/2" into 2 3/8" and cool them both in a parallel loop. however i have never tried this and can't guarantee if it performs better than using only 1/2" tubing.
  4. he's gonna use sli so he has 3 tec blocks. it's overkill in my opinion. i would just tec the cpu and put the GPUS in another loop under a normal LCS. you probably can't get much more OC out 8800gtx anyways.
  5. =.= one thing you gotta remember. don't get the hot and cold sides of the TEC mixed up....or the results will be catastrophic.
  6. man your power bills gonna be insane. i also agree that one triple rad would work alot better than 3 120mm rads. TEC's generates alot of heat and they would get heat soaked too quickly. i have a feeling that the fan might do better too cool it. i personally would ignore cooling the chipset or get a better heatsink for it. ( this is why i tend to avoid heat pipe mobos......you wanna replace one cooler you replace all the coolers.)
  7. i'm running on distilled water, alcohol and uv die. :tooth: . hope that keeps it going.
  8. I got my watercooling parts a few weeks ago. unfortunatly for me i got it at a bad time (exam week). anyways i got the fuzion D-5 and a 360 GTX for my TT armor with a few other blocks. i measured beforehand so the GTX should fit otherwise i'm gonna be pissed and go on a dremel frenzy. i've got a few more days before i have time to start modding my case. Can't wait Also from what i read the fuzion is one of the best for multicore CPUs. judging from the size of the copper bottom i must say i'm impressed. it's really hard to hit the books with a box of LCS equipment right next to ya. T_T
  9. LCBQE 0711SPAW sooo.. guys anyone has the same one. as far as i'm concerned i've never seen this stepping nor can i find much info on it. anyone has it and can give me some details on it?? i would try it myself but i don't have much time to mess with it and i'm not popping it in until my LCS comes.
  10. i've got images posted up. got a few questions. is it a very bad idea to use plumbing parts as T Barbs? and etc.. also is it gonna damage the pump if it mount it inverted?
  11. sounds good....i think i'll go with the GTS and out of curiosity what is the best CFM for the GTX.... finding info on LCS parts is a pain so it's best if i ask here.
  12. thanks guys i've been hearing that the fuzion cpu is one of the best blocks on the market. i heard it even beats the swiftech storm. is the scythe s-flex 49cfm good for GTS. also how future proof is the GTS?? i'm planning it to use the LCS for future setups ie: K10 / R600 / 8800 on the other note i live in north vancouver BC in canada so i'm ordering mostly off NCIX or else shipping fees will kill me.
  13. hi there, i'm new to watercooling. i'm just wonder if this is a good parts list and if everything can actually fit together. i'm not sure about the rad. what is the best one to use with 79cfm antec tri cool fans. i'm thinking about the DD GTS stealth 240. but i've been wondering how much better the GTX xtreme 240s are...... also which one is better the d-tek fuzion gfx or the DD Maze4 so far i looked around and went with this setup CPU block: d-tek fuzion) GPU block: (d-tek fuzion gfx or DD maze4) chipset: swiftech mcw30 Rad: so far (DD GTS stealth 240) Pump: laing D-5 reservoir:swiftech MCRES-MICRO eveything is gonna be 1/2" barbs with 7/16" tubing also i'm not too sure what to do about the coolent. what do you guys recommend. also i have a TT armor and my wiring is pretty good so i've got alot of room. i will get pics up soon. Pics: with this i'm now considering a triple rad. i've got quite a bit of space.
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