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    If you liked the CBS version, you really should go get the DVD set... the Showtime version is so much better!
  2. NotForNothing

    New Last.fm Layout

    It sucks compared to the old layout... and the old layout just sucked.
  3. NotForNothing

    Creating A Frame Based Website

    Yeah, sounds like he's talking about the old school frames.... which IMO is the bane of the internet, and should not be used anymore. With a frame or without a frame, you're going to be sending a request to load an entire page, so I don't see why he only wants one section to "reload". Anyway... give the frame a name, and then have the target of the URL set as the name for the frame. i.e. <a href="whateverpage.html" target="main">This like</a> Would open "whateverpage.html" in the frame named "main".
  4. NotForNothing

    Any Wc3 Or Sc Players Left?

    A friend of mine has a few networked Win98 systems. We'll get together every once and a while and play some SC. Still fun to play.
  5. NotForNothing

    Lost Odyssey

    Anyone played Lost Odyssey? Is it any good? Been looking at the game for a while, and wanted to get some feedback before I made any kind of decision. Looking for a good RPG, and I've already played Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect. Any other recommendations?
  6. NotForNothing


    Decided on anything yet, if so what does it look like? What's your hubby's look like? I'm thinking about getting one. Maybe OCC needs a 'Post Your tat' pic. lol
  7. NotForNothing


    Hot Chick + Tattoo + Overboard = Kat Von D
  8. NotForNothing

    Star Trek 11 Teaser is out!

    The narration sounded like (pretty certain it is) Leonard Nimoy (Spock).
  9. NotForNothing


    I used it back before ebay bought it out, but I have no love for ebay so I quit using it.
  10. NotForNothing

    Would you be interested in having an IRC channel?

    Probably not, but it really depends on the network.
  11. NotForNothing

    Pumpkin Art

    Looks cool!
  12. NotForNothing

    Wii Wii Wii

    I ended up calling local retailers until I found one. Forget driving around town.
  13. NotForNothing

    VoIP Service?

    I use Comcast's VoIP service for about a year now, and can't complain.
  14. NotForNothing


    Looks like they encoded the ampersand (&) that starts the "code" for special characters... this means that (space) is becoming &nbsp; when it is stored in the db.
  15. NotForNothing

    OCC Review: Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard

    You don't consider a $200 price tag a con? Yikes! Looks slick, but I hate compact keyboards.... and then there is the lack of a number pad which I find disturbing.