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  1. Unless they somehow introduce an entirely different game after the demo ends, then I find that absolutely ridiculous. Of course I do hate almost every game that has come out in the last 7 years, so maybe I shouldn't be so surprised.
  2. What do you mean by mix it up a little? You have a single attack button, and then a counter attack which appears to be useless, as a normal attack will essentially counter them as well. When one of the main aspects of the game is hand to hand combat and all it involves is mashing a single button, I find that rather silly. The enemies with ranged weapons do change it a bit, but then it just turns into "find the conveniently placed grapple point". So in my opinion, and it's nothing more than my opinion, the game appears to be nothing more than a boring casual experience.
  3. Bored to tears with the combat, mash a single button and watch Batman do loads of crazy combos, hurray.
  4. MPC Home Cinema perhaps? What format are they in exactly?
  5. The 120hz TV's I've seen just look entirely artificial and just outright strange, I assume from interpolation. I am running just a few month old 22" Diamondtron CRT, and at 120hz it still looks normal, and natural.
  6. So how exactly can your laptop play Far Cry 2, and not play every single other PC game out there? Last I knew, Far Cry 2 was one of the most demanding PC games around, surpassed by Crysis, and GTA 4 perhaps.
  7. Cyrosis


    It's a military simulator, not really a traditional shooter, and I would never really recommend someone looking for a shooter to try ArmA. /2 cents.
  8. Cyrosis


    The demo has AA options in the menu, so it will probably be in the next patch.
  9. Yeah, but I don't expect to see an investigation leading back to ICP if the person never says anything about it, if it did however, sure I would think it over the line. I do listen to a lot of metal after all, and while most of what I listen to doesn't have violent lyrics, that can't be said about the genre as a whole, and I know I would think it extremly stupid to blame metal if I ever got into trouble with the law.
  10. Yeah, and the media certainly likes to exaggerate those stories too, I still say in both situations the person was already disposed to crime. :Edit: The way I see it, no ICP song, and no games are making anyone kill anybody, but if the court finds some sort of pattern with people claiming ICP made them kill people, then I see no fault in posting them on a website like this. Maybe it's just these disposed criminals are more likely to listen to music about crime, that doesn't make ICP guilty of anything, but it's still a pattern, or group, that the state can be aware of, and I see no problem with that.
  11. The difference being, you said yourself crimes have been done in ICP's name. I can't think of any cases involving people that said Quake made them kill someone.
  12. I don't think it really matters if ICP condones it or not, if it happens in their name, it can still be pushed on them IMO. Of course I don't really think music is going to make anyone commit a crime they wouldn't have basically done anyway, just maybe in a different situation, or at a different time.
  13. Well, it stays cooler than stock, and is much quieter, but it wouldn't work with SLI anyway, as it makes it a tri slot.
  14. I removed the shroud on my 285, and strapped a fan onto the heat sink directly. It works quite well, and is running at a very quiet 1000rpm, of course without the side panel exhaust, I don't think it would be nearly as effective, so I wouldn't recommend it for everyone.
  15. I've also seen benchmarks where it performs slightly worse than on board.
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