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  1. scv311us

    Ti 4400? Whats The Max, Or Your Max?

    stock. would ram sinks help?
  2. scv311us

    Msi Owns

    my msi 4400 is scoring me 11275. =) o/c 305/600
  3. detonator 40.52 for those who dont know yet. 40.52 leaked. here a link to get them. some people like them, but i dont. they lowered my madonion score 1000pts. amd athlon 1700+ msi kt3 ultra 2 msi geforce4 ti 4400 128mb 512mb ddr/2100 o/c fsb 136 = 1.5Ghz
  4. scv311us

    Ti 4400? Whats The Max, Or Your Max?

    detonator 40.52 - leaked! heres the link, try them and let us know if they worked better. i didnt like them, lowered my score by 1000. -peace
  5. scv311us

    Ti 4400? Whats The Max, Or Your Max?

    i got em allready. ive tryied the 40.41 and the 40.52. i personally like the 40.41 im running generic 2100/ddr 512 ram so i cant really go too high on the cpu fsb.
  6. i have a Msi Ti 4400. right now all i can get out of it is 305/600 and a score of 11275 at madonion. i want to hit 12k bad. when i go higher on the core clock it locks while benchmarking. should i raise the memory freq more? i got my fsb to 135Mhz on generic 512ddr/2100 and cant go higher without crap happening. any suggestions?
  7. scv311us

    Overclocking G4 Ti4400

    update your drivers first. i got almost a 1000+ score in just drivers (mad onion.com) drivers: 3082 = 9874 (score) 4041 = 10755 (score) 4041 + o/c [300/600] = 11207 http://service.madonion.com/compare?2k1=3998853
  8. scv311us

    Amd 1700+ O/c , But A ? First.

    but do i have to unlock the cpu first? the bios on the msi kt3 ultra2 lets me change it now.
  9. i just built a new comp, and i would love to o/c it. it is a amd athlon xp 1700+ on a msi kt3 ultra2 and a msi geforce4 ti4400 128 ddr. well heres the ?. in my bios i can change the vcore voltage, and all the crap, but when i change it, the system will not start. do i need to unlock the cpu first, and if so is the athlon 1700+ easy to unlock? any and all answers/tips will be great! -scv311us