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  1. But why the original 10 degree difference? I'm used to a couple of degree digressions between cores, but this one just seems excessive.
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm a long time OCC reader, but first time poster. Anyway, I recently bought an AMD X2 5200+ processor for my server, and it's been going great, except there is an odd temperature issue I'm coming across. Here is the server temps under no load: As you can see, Cool'n'Quiet is working well, but there is a massive 10 degree difference between the cores. Now, I know what you're thinking, heatsink isn't seated properly, let the thermal paste set, etc, etc (BTW, I have let the paste set, haven't gotten round to reseating the heatsink). I thought the same things, until I put the server under load: Now, the cores are much closer in temp, but the previously cooler core is now hotter by 3 degrees. I was a bit perplexed at these results, as I kinda expected that they wouldn't: a) have a smaller difference in T between the cores, and b) the cooler core (by 10 degrees!) ending up 3 degrees hotter I thought the difference between the cool core and the hot core would have gotten even bigger, but.... obviously not. Any ideas why this is happening, or how I can sort this out?
  3. Hey, Ever since i found out how heat pipes work, i have been confused by the design of them. I understand that the liquid in them is heated by the CPU (or other hot component), and is vaporised, which rises, into the fins, and then is cooled, and condenses then flows back down to the CPU and the cycle continues. But, alot of CPU coolers have a design such that the lowest point of the heat pipe is in the fins... So how would the liquid flow back to the heat source? It would be all trapped in the fin area. Am i making sense, or just rambling? Haha. I'd like to see a test of the orientation of CPU coolers with heatpipes, to see if it makes any difference... Anyway, thanks Slink
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