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  1. I got the lines right from start up, i.e. when the card was cold, so I figured this might not fix it for me. Anyhow, I can report that I returned the card and asked for a new one, which works fine. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you for the reply. It's gives me more confidence that another card will work. I got the 7600gs from Newegg so an exchange shouldn't be a problem.
  3. This post has inspired me to register as I am having the exact same funky lines on the post screen and Windows boot screen. Has anyone else had and solved this problem? Cyberbeer: has your friend's system been stable with another card? My story is that I had installed a 7600GS and it worked fine for a couple of days, then the graphics crashed while I was playing EU:III. After boot up I can just about log in to Windows but the display is unusable. Removing the card allows my machine to revert to the integrated GeForce4 MX and the system is OK again. Using another monitor shows the same problem. So, I figure the card is at fault but because it worked for a while I'm concerned it'll happen again if I exchange it or buy another card. Despite the forum name I was not clocking the card - just using it vanilla.
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