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    5000+ Black [email protected],
    Biostar TF7025-M2,
    4Gb OCZ Reaper Dual channel DDR2-800 (4, 4, 4, 12, 1T),
    Asus HD 3870X2,
    Enermax Infiniti 720W,
    Optiarc (Sony/ NEC) 7170A,
    Acer Aspire T180 stealth case!
  1. A mate of mine might be selling an x2 4400 if you're interested, I'll point him your direction. It's the energy efficient variant as well so runs really cool :eek2:
  2. I'm interested in the Compaq Presario SR1720NX Case if it takes a full size ATX psu and you'd be willing to send to the UK...if you have a big enough box!
  3. I would like an efficient SM3 card as a cheap upgrade to the underpowered 9800 Pro. I can get me an x800xl but no SM3; x1650 Pro/ XT only has 128 bit memory interface. X19xx cards are WAY too power hungry for this system and would probably not fit in her. :sad: Not really concerned about AA, AF etc, HDR would be nice as the 9800 Pro can already show this and I'm not moving backwards! :eek2: This is why I'd like a 9800XT as it's still decent card for games upto and including Prey or anything on that Doom 3 engine and Source engine with it's 256 bit memory interface, it'll even play Condemned nicely on the NF2 Qbic at 2.4GHz w/ 2Gb of OCZ Platinum EL. It's really gonna be used for audio recording but will be a backup LAN machine after the sig rig :cool: What have you got for me then? :confused:
  4. Err, there never was a 78900GTX for agp tho', was there?!
  5. Nice offer...hope I can power a 7800 in a Qbic!
  6. Hey all, I'm looking for something a little more powerful than my freebie RV350 cored, Hercules 9800 Pro. Any good stuff lying about for me? :drool:
  7. Any chance of sending the tasty ram to the UK? Obviously I'd offer a few $$ more for postage!
  8. If it gets split up I'm very interested in the G Skill (same as I had 'til a couple of weeks ago) for a friend whose XMS has died!
  9. What are the timings on the ram at stock settings? BUMP!
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