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  1. The reason that I am looking into Matrox is because they support *nix OS's. I have no computers with ANY type of Microsoft product. Matrox produces quality cards that while they may not preform well in a gameing environment, I am not a gamer, I am a Systems Administrator that is looking at the Multi-Monitor part of the Parhelia.
  2. I run these partionins on my boxes: 512mb / root fs 512mb /tmp temp fs 512mb /var the var fs no less than 1024mb swap ~5gig /home home fs, your home dirs rest to the /usr fs, where the majority of the programs resides.
  3. I am looking into getting a Parhelia card. I was wondering what the opinion was on the card. Has anybody used it?
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    I use it a good deal, but the crap thing crashes more than anything I have seen. I use Opera as a backup.
  5. Water doesnt conduct electicity, on the particales in the water, i.e. the oil, dirt, etc.
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