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  1. http://wallpaperhd.net/v/election/ Support your candidate by having his wallpaper ! Go OBAMA
  2. I just realized that my last Wallpaper website recommendation dates a while back and thought it would be nice to give everyone the opportunity to add some new wallpapers to his collection. The website that I
  3. http://myhdwallpaper.com/v/HD3DWallpapers/..._00349.jpg.html Could you reply with this game's name. It seems like tom clancy. not sure.
  4. http://www.myhdwallpaper.com/v/UserAlbums/omhl/ feel free to rate and comment. i need to improve my photography skills
  5. probably server didnt do cache yet. ron paul supporter much? lol obama ftw. anyone find polical wallpapers. wouldnt mind supporting obama that way
  6. Lets see. I stumbled upon to this site not too long ago and I enjoyed it for about a week until its server went down. Now they completely redid the site. Much Neater and theres options to choose resolution. Clean, Fast, Free, is the name of the game. http://myhdwallpaper.com/ test image host image They also have this personal photobucket storage system. I storied some computer pics onto here. Can set permissions for people to see or not to see. only bad thing is that theres a slight learning curve in using the storage system. -Supports multiple file uploads drag drop etc or single file by file _________________________________________ excerpt from webpage: HD Wallpapers - Free High Quality Definition Wallpapers New Site Navigation Launched! Use add item to cart for bulk downloads (zip file!) Online Photo Storage Function! Just Sign up! 1. 1GB of Free Storage and 30mb per photo limit. 2. Self set permissions (Public or Private)sharing 3. Rating System 4. Hotlinking 5. Zip Downloads 6. Resume downloads and More! Please Vote in poll site layout (bottom of page) __________________________________________ Thanks Admins
  7. Thanks still trying to get hang of all the forum commands. :] :thumbs-up:
  8. Helping out friend. digg: http://digg.com/comics_animation/FREE_HD_H...OWNLOADS_NO_POP
  9. anyways this site 's owner is friend of mine. just thought of spreading the word. Any news on Alan Wake ?
  10. google ads now show relevant ads. like wallpaper sites.. hmm maybe google was slow.?
  11. theres a static version but from what i seen its a faster / (lower res) and less photos) uses coppermine gallery script i believe. good for slow internet. or when your downloading torrents LOL
  12. exerpt from digg. myhdwallpaper.com
  13. omhl


    i thought it was very insightful game =]]]]
  14. omhl


    watch this little kid get hit in the face with a paintball http://fileamp.com/view_video.php?viewkey=...amp;category=mr
  15. http://flashwired.com/play-4455-Ragdoll_Avalanch_2.html ====BLOody Fun haha "off with the head"
  16. interesting.... yea gfx are pretty good. =] headshots
  17. I have a pretty decent computer amd 64 x2 5000+ 2gb ram 7600gt this game makes my comp lag a bit http://flashwired.com/index.php?action=play&id=4445 very fun though does it lag for you guys?
  18. omhl

    Tower Defense!

    ooo i think this is a better version of this game Turret Defense though.. http://flashwired.com/play-4434-Turret_Defense.html
  19. omhl

    Endless Zombie Horde

    HOLY Crap so much bloooooddddd. try experimental mode its fun after you did the game.
  20. omhl

    AMG Drifting

    dang you go for all the board then.?
  21. omhl

    Endless Zombie Horde

    webmaster fixed it I submitted the error bug report. Wow this guy moniters and adds games to this site like crazy. I refreshed page and new games appeared :thumbs-up:
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