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  1. TheDarKinG

    Have You Even Showerer W/....

    yep u have no life
  2. TheDarKinG

    Do You Belive In God?

    i cant believe yea is owning on no lol the results are probably because its a relatively old communiity , i mean not a 12 years boy community , btw i am NOT 12 ..
  3. TheDarKinG

    Help Plz :)

    bah ok ill try it .. but the other ppl said to use that
  4. TheDarKinG

    Help Plz :)

    ok i fugured out how to change language ... lol but i cant open it anymore , (i unistalled it and re-installed it before) and then it says *Install the pilot NTIOWP.SYS first* ok i pasted that file in windows dir system dir system32 dir .. how do we install that shiat .. ? and after that ill post a screenshot in english hope ull help me ..
  5. TheDarKinG

    Illegal Activities

    i never talked about warez and never saw any warez discutions in here but its not *retarded* its just not conform to the rules so i dont talk about it .. btw warez rules ..
  6. TheDarKinG

    Help Plz :)

    ok theres the screenshot from CPUFSB sorry its in french i even downloaded it from an english site .. ! i want to overclock it at the minimal .. only to test for my Future comp that i dont want to crap up .. but everytime i try something it freeze and i need to reboot from the back of my computer (the swith) so could u say me what to put in each cases .. :/ total n00bs sucks i know but i still need to start ..
  7. TheDarKinG

    Some People

    thx for the tips !
  8. TheDarKinG

    Athlon Pc For Sale

    sorry to announce you that the value of it all is now like $150
  9. TheDarKinG

    Fried My 2000+ Over Supidity...

    crap the 1600+ man its time to order a 2800+ [testing] crap crap .. what the heck !! [/testing] haha even with spaces that crap word cannot be written f u c k f u c k fcuk
  10. TheDarKinG

    2400+ When ?!?

    i just dont understand .. 2800 will be released on october first and were september 27 and theres no 2400 on stores ..
  11. TheDarKinG

    New Nividia 40.71 Is Out!

    hum u wont get the same results each time .. ok its a drop but the other test was probably a lucky shot anyway what does it care to have a bigger 3dmark score of 500pts when new version is out .. its a NEW version it cant be worse its better .. just stick with it B)
  12. TheDarKinG

    Nvidia's New Agp8x Cards?

    hey im buying a GF4 in less than one month (4600) so that will just be great to have a 8x heh
  13. TheDarKinG

    Digital Doc 5

    yea im not talkign about Doc5 im talking about the AMD processors they got a sensor suposly .. that close the computer if getting too hot. and what sensor would anyone suggest me to get ? my *old* computer (the one i got right now) sucks .. its on a minitower and always reboot cause of temperature i guess .. ? i lost one 40 gig HD cause of heat , and a TNT2 cause of heat too .. gey guy that sold me that case when i was a lil ignorant.
  14. TheDarKinG

    Digital Doc 5

    The guy where ill buy my comp said it warns from a proggy on your computer then if u dont do anything (close your computer) if ur idle for example , it will auto-close ur computer. and i have some questions about that , anyone got that proggy , we can see the temperature Live ?? and i would like to have a sensor for the GeForce4 what would u suggest me , something cheap .. not the cheapest but i just want to know a crap temperature not a high-quality sensor .. B)
  15. TheDarKinG

    2400+ When ?!?

    doh ! thx anyway m8