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    hard drives by Seagate
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  1. The only one I couldn't get to install was PROBE II which I can live without, so it was no big deal.
  2. No two CPUs are the same. My Q6600 would run 3825mhz stable (with air) yet my buddies top ended at 3400mhz. Both GO Steppings - both purchased within the same week. You just never know.
  3. This is how I am running an E7300 on an old AW9. Ran it 4.2 for abit but it was taking way too much MCH - or at least more than I felt like giving the old girl. I'm writing down your settings. Maybe we can figure this out. I'm curious about one thing. Are those your settings with [AUTO] ? Are you using [AUTO] for all of that?
  4. Air movement is limited with a TRUE if you use a blaster high rpm fan because the fins are so tightly spaced. The air is actually just bouncing off. A lower RPM fan like a NOCTUA or some other quality 9 blader is what you need. The air moves slowly and consistently thru the cooler. Thermalright is as good as it gets, CPU air cooler-wise. Currently I am using the TR HR01`Plus on my Q6600. Fanless, it idles 45-47C. With fan, it idles lower 30s with 60C load temperature. I used the Tuniq Tower for a year and it did a great job, once I added an external fan. Great dual core cooler but not so great with a Quad. I have also tested the TRUE on the Q6600. The TRUE and the HR01 Plus are tit-for-tat cooling wise on that CPU. I like the HR01 Plus better because it takes up abit less space. I also like the cooling fin spacing better.
  5. PC P&C has great support. They back their PSUs. Contact them.
  6. You won't see any vast temperature increases until you get her around 3.4. That's when they start taking the voltage. That's when you'll find out how your cooler measures up. I used a Tuniq for over a year, but I had to add an external fan to it to keep the CPU cool at and past 3.6. Just switched it to a Thermalright HR01 Plus. Totally unreal. Load Temps with the TT and extra fan were 68-70C same voltage.
  7. All we are doing if we elect OBAMA is putting OPRAH WINFREY in the White House. He was created by OPRAH WINFREY and her backing is why he is already where he is today. So. A vote for OBAMA is a vote for OPRAH.
  8. Here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814102795 A lot of builders are having problems with the 4870x2. ANTEC 900 does suck for a full time case. They are also a b***** to keep clean. I have one that I use as a benching case. I gave up on decent cable management in it a long time ago. This is a good one for cable management and ventilation options: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811119142
  9. That BIOS tells you that you need better NB cooling anyway, when you go to 1.60v or above.
  10. I've used a couple of CM690s. You can install any ATX motherboard in one. Just move those clips or take them out. And all you have to do is split the led connector.
  11. How did the backplate short out your motherboard? That's unusual. The cooler will twist slightly when mounted, if that's what you mean by kinda swivel.
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