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  1. After replacing my power supply, my computer will just randomly shut down. I tried to run MemTest, but it also shuts down during the MemTest. I installed SpeedFan to check if my CPU was overheating, but the SpeedFan temps look off, -29C? My room isn't that cold. I did touch the heatsink after the computer shutdown, and it was cold, room temperature cold. Sometimes I can use the computer fine for 40mins-1hr, other times it will restart as soon as I turn it on. Any ideas what else I can check?
  2. I dual box world of warcraft from time to time. I play other games like Starcraft 2, and L4D2. I was actually thinking of a CPU upgrade initially. Gaming mostly. Light coding, and matlab related work for my classes. Hehe, three for graphic cards? I checked some of the gaming charts on tomshardware, and I noticed a Crossfire 4770 gives about the same performance as a 460. Picking one up at ebay might be a better option for me in that case. I posted the cpu and graphic card at the first post. 2gb ram.
  3. I have 200 dollars to spend on an upgrade. My current CPU is Intel core 2 due e6600 right and AT Radeon 4770. 1) I could get a socket 775 cpu for $200 2) A new motherboard and a core i3/i5 CPU 3) A new graphic cards I was leaning more towards option number 1. I tried to check tomshardware for charts to compare 775 cpu's and core i3/i5's but the charts are different and I'm having a hard time comparing. What would you guys suggest? Thanks in advance.
  4. Will 1920x1080 be too much for a 15" monitor?
  5. Thank you everyone for posting. Is the D-Link DGL-4500 better? They both have positive and negative reviews. Thanks for the adapter recommendation Krazyxazn Do you use that? Lol.
  6. Any recommendations for the adapters though? And the D-Link DIR-655 looks nice.
  7. SETUP: I had the b router and USB adapters for many years now. The people on the wireless adapters are complaining about super slow connection and sometimes pages won't load. I can't tell why that is happening, so I am thinking about upgrading the entire setup: 1 wireless router, and 2 USB adapters. The laptops are connected via build in wireless cards. Usually 3 computers are always connected, computer on the first floor by wired, and 2 desktops on the second floor by wireless. One desktop user games, so I need a good USB adapter for that one (or even a PCI adapter), and a stable adapter for the second one that will allow a stable connection. And iPod touch, laptops, and net books at random times. SUPPLY: Router: LINKSYS WRT54GL IEEE 802.3/3u, IEEE 802.11b/g Wireless-G Broadband Router - Retail Best rated wireless router Wireless Adapters for Computer 1 (Game): Wireless Adapters for Computer 2 (Just Internet):
  8. The XFX 4770 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814150369 or the Sapphire 4770 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814102835 I am leaning toward the XFX 4770 because of the life time warranty. Is is really life time though?
  9. I don't game much, I don't need a high end card.
  10. I am looking for a new video card. My current one, 1950 Pro, is making loud noises that's making me nervous. Can anyone recommend me a video card that does not generate a lot of heat/noise when not being used (like when I leave my comp on during the day/night). My budget is around $200.00 at most. PCIe Core 2 Duo 6600 and 2GB Ram
  11. I remember reading that Windows XP Professional supported 3GB. But on this website it says Windows XP Professional can support 4GB? But I have to add /3GB for Windows XP Professional to recognize 3GB or over 3GB? What what about Physical Address Extension feature at the bottom of the article? If I could add more RAM to my system, maybe it wouldn't lag so much when I multibox WOW. ( I have 2GB of ram, and a Core2Duo 6600 CPU, my motherboard can support 4GB of ram).
  12. This package won't be for me. It's for a relative. He is very computer illiterate and always managed to get adware and viruses. I previously installed Ad-aware and other free programs and told him to run it once a while, but he never does. And he can't tell when the pop up he gets is a fake.
  13. it's not for me. it's for a relative. this is the 3rd time i had to go to their house and waste a few hours trying to clean their computer. i once installed avg in their computer, they uninstalled for symantec norton antivirus corporate edition (the version you get free from college that lacks all the bells and whistles of the retail version). i told them to use firefox, but they don't. one of them uses limewire to download foreign music. i told them they should buy one, they told me to pick out a good one for them, so thats where i am right now.
  14. what is a good security package to get? have sym corp v10 from college, but the old folks still manage to get spyware like xp antivirus 2009. my cousin uses kaspersky internet security and mentioned that it's good. i checked newegg and they have internet security 7 and 2009 http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....amp;x=0&y=0 but ithe 2009 version is cheaper on fry with MIR http://shop1.frys.com/product/5699731?site...CH:MAIN_RSLT_PG would you guys recommend the 2009 edition? or some other anti virus/firewall package? thanks for the help!
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