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    i5-3570k @ 4.2Ghz, ASUS GTX 570, 8GB Samsung DDR3, 240GB Mushkin SSD, 1TB WD green storage drive, ASRock Z77 extreme4. 750W Seasonic 80+ gold PSU.
  1. Buy some ram, I can't Imagine using less than 4GB in any machine. Especially on a 64bit OS.
  2. I am actually researching getting my first hand gun and I have narrowed it down to the Walther PPQ M2 (short fast trigger, single action only) and the Sig P250 (smooth long trigger, double action only). The Walther is more expensive but seems like the better gun all around. The Sig is cheaper and modular so you can easily replace every part of the gun or change the size of the gun. There are some nice reviews on youtube, but I'm no gun expert so just take this as a suggestion.
  3. So my company is doing a United Way fundraiser where every department must put together a basket of stuff which will be raffled off at the end of the month. My department chose "Electronics Basket" as our theme for obvious reasons. I'm in charge of putting together the basket and our budget will probably be around $400. So far I can only think of media streaming devices like the ROKU and maybe a cheep tablet like the kindle fire HD to put in the basket. I'm guessing people will want to win our basket to re-gift the items for Christmas. So do you guys have any ideas for cheap cool electronics that normal people would like? Thanks in advance
  4. not worse than their old computer just worse than what is possible on their budget. Also they don't need video performance for anything they do on their computer so anything other than integrated would just be wasted on them.
  5. I was actually thinking of going the other way and just getting a larger SSD and no HDD, right now they only have a 60GB hard drive lol. I will just set it up so their documents/pictures folders are in the hard disk. They don't install many programs. I am also over there every couple of weeks so i can always look at it and clean it up/educate them if they are filling it up too much. Thanks for all the replies everyone.
  6. While I would probably be happier with a new screen, they seem very content with keeping their current one lol. I'm guessing it will break in a year or two and they will have to replace it anyways. One of their requirements was to actually make this thing less capable of gaming so their son does not sit around playing all day lol; So an APU will not work.
  7. nice find with the power supply and combos I will have to modify my build.
  8. Actually the System in my signature is very out of date lol. I think I want new parts in case they break in a year or two so I can send them in for the warranty, thanks though
  9. Hello everyone, I am building a computer for my girlfriend's mom; She was going to buy a Dell to replace their current Dell from 2002, but I talked them out of that . The budget is $750, all parts must be through newegg. The objective of this build is speed, reliability, small size, and quiet operation. It will be used for internet browsing, word processing, and storage of family photos (not many at this point). However they keep their computers for a very very long time so i would like it to be beefy enough to meet future general computing needs. Only need the tower and operating system, no peripherals, computer will be next to their router. So I would like your feedback on what I have picked out so far. (there is a $15 off promo on the SSD right now) Do you guys think the CPU is total overkill? I went with micro ATX because they might want a wireless card or graphics card in the future. I also don't know how reliable most ITX boards are. I thought about shuttle but I don't know how reliable or quiet those systems are. Feel free to critique this build or propose a different one. Thanks in advance
  10. Got the GTX260 about a week ago it is running great, Thanks Tropical.
  11. Did you overclock this? If so what frequency could you achieve?
  12. As others have said the only thing that you need to upgrade is the graphics card. Get a GTX 460 1GB and be done with it. Everything else is just a waist of money if you are just doing it to play RIFT. link to system requirements: http://telarapedia.com/wiki/System_Requirements
  13. Just got my monitor back today, Works now but they put a huge crack in the top left corner of the bezel. I'm just happy I didn't have to buy a new monitor.
  14. It will work a lot better if you solder the wires together instead of just twisting them together.
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