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    Athlon Xp 2000+
    512 RAM DDR 333
    Geforce 6200 128 MB ,AGP
    Segate SV0412H 40 GB
    AC 97 On-Board Sound
    Samsung DVD-RW
    Benq FP73G LCD
    Genius low-end Speakers

  1. Give us more info , especially: 1. What liunux distro you have? 2. What GPU you have? Nvidia ,Ati , Intel? 3. Have you installed beryl-manager? 4. Are you using XGL? or sth else?
  2. This is my worst case because it is my only case. Isn't best in the world case. Is without side screens because one of them was damaged when uppgrading my comp about 2 years ago. Metal it was made of was just awful and case didn't want to close. It wasn't big loss because temperatures were high in this case becasue for a lack of ventilation (definately not a overclocker case) so i didn't even want to repair this screen. For now this case works , but it will have to be changed when i will buy new "insides" in a few weeks/months - it will not survive new heavier stuff especially PSU ,and besides temperature in it because absolutely lack of ventilation will stop my oc for sure. I will never make a cheap deal on a case again
  3. CPU - Athlon Xp 2000+ Mobo - MSI KT4AV Memory - 512 RAM DDR 333 GPU - Geforce 6200 128 MB ,AGP HDD - Segate SV0412H 40 GB Sound - AC 97 On-Board Sound DVD - Samsung DVD-RW LCD - Benq FP73G LCD and Genius low-end Speakers OS - Archlinux After summer break if i will earn enough extra cash i'm going to buy new box
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