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  1. I do SETI on the weekends and Fold during the week. I was just wonder if anyone was really still active...geez look at all the people Folding now--I remember when we only had like80 people. Still gonna keep SETI, even though Indepenence Day made start thinking the other night when I watched it...
  2. I was searching for some info and I came across this. It definitely looks like a problem solver for those owners of the ASUS P4C800's that require that DIMM voltage boost [safely]. Anyone heard about this? Reviewed here
  3. Two weeks ago I got the 3.2C and I maxxed it out @ 3905MHz. As in my sig I have a ABIT board. It's quite obvious that the ASUS boards aren't recommended [at this point]. With the IC7-G, it would have been nice to have a the possiblity of higher Dimm voltage--2.8v ain't enough It's been said by many that the 3.0C will OC better than this 3.2C.....and I'm about to get one just for that reason [jury still out on that one]. You can go ahead and get that combination you want and tell us your results....would be rather interesting.
  4. You know. Everytime I login and see it, I keep saying to myself that I'm gonna remove it....--it freaks me out too...
  5. Thanks guys.... I went for the OCZ 4400--figure I could experiment with tighter timings. We'll see how we fair on this one.
  6. Ok, I finally decided to get some better memory for my P4 system. I'm just not sure whether or not to go full bore and get a gig PC-4400 or lighten up a bit and flex for the PC-4000....maybe even just go for PC-4200. Money isn't a factor, just not sure where that "point of diminishing return" sets in. BTW, it'll be OCZ or Corsair. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Fuji Finpix A101.....--small and sweet....
  8. Yes..... I tried 3 about months and never turned back to IE. Just a great [and better] browser overall. [still trying to get friends to get out of the "old" and into the "new"].
  9. I swapped the motherboard 'cause I thought that was the problem after I had already changed the power supply and memory modules. When I installed everything over to the IC7-G mobo the problem persisted. Since I've changed the processor yesterday not a single [random] reboot--*knocking on wood*
  10. It's an ANTEC True 430 P/S....so it should be adequite for this system... If this processor didn't make a difference I would have been moving to a 550 watter.....
  11. Well, I finally received and installed a new processor today.....and problem gone--it WAS the processor. [still keeping an eye on the system].....
  12. Well the processor isn't dead--maybe dying. It operates, but within 1 to 5 minutes the system will reboot....especially when doing installs of apps or while online....just does it randomly. **longest it's been up was for about 12 minutes....then BAM! restart**
  13. Well, I didn't where exactly to post so here it is. For the past several weeks my P4 system started random shut downs. It occurred immediately after a power failure [electrician started hitting breaker in the breaker box without warning....very fast on/off switching]. First, I couldn't boot into windows files lost or corrupt, recovery didn't help. Reloaded O/S....system fine for five minutes after installation, then shutdown...restart.....then 1 minute later restart--this happens anywhere between 1 and 5 minutes everytime the systems boots. System never got a chance to be overclocked, so still at stock speed. I've replaceded everything [P/S, memory, vid card, HD, mobo]...except for the pocessor [P4C 2.8]. I've swapped the memory, P/S, Vid card and HD into a AMD system and no problem, runs just fine. I just got the new mobo [iC7-G series] yeserday and the same exact problem. Even bumping the CPU voltage higher didn't help. Any ideas??? [before I go out and buy a P4 3.0 processor]
  14. So which is more important to look at when purchasing memory for a dual channel system, the timings or the throughput [4.2GB/sec. as opposed to 3.2GB/sec.]???
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