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  1. I admit to a lot of spam from me but three people posting the same pic in the same thread right after each other is obviously spam. And I don't spam as bad as I did.
  2. I just had that EXACT same problem (no RMA) I solved mine (possibly luck) by covering the MB tray with plastic and then I held the PSU in my hand and it just ran. But it didn't run until the PSU was removed. IDK how or why. But I am in the process of selling that rig so i don't care Maybe open the PSU and check the ground? The mobo dose not need to be grounded, neither dose the PSU to anything but itself. And do fans spin but it wont show video?
  3. coolcat97

    I'm new.

    The first female member? Welcome
  4. I get mone confused when someone changes a pic. I didn't know who bigred was for a week
  5. There is a window AC unit across the street from my house (in an empty trash filled lot) and I think its been there since like 98 or before. I think I will take off the radiator. I know that the inside chemicals are toxic and illegal, but the way it was thrown in there, I be the pipes are cracked anyway. Any one have an AC radidtor on their water setup? I think one on each side of the case with a bad . pump or two, would be pretty sweet cooling even without fans... ?
  6. I think he doesn't want the room to heat up? I think a lower voltage chip would be the coolest...
  7. That looks REALLY good. How much did you pay for water?
  8. My plan is to make a shelf or bracket (hard to explain) to hold the radiator to the AC. If I want to move it then I can simply remove the radiator from the shelf/bracket and place it on the case shelf/bracket...
  9. Make a thread with your story... and don't go killing yourself over a mod
  10. I don't think anyone is that stupid... (excuse me if wrong ) and I mentioned that in the thread... So, a burn or cut victim?
  11. You wouldn't have said that anyway <_< @ jammin, I wish I could spare 1k for cooling but an AC costs like 80 bucks and then like 300 for water... I already have an AC so...
  12. "William's Big Stick Did the Trick" LMAO hahaha
  13. I think thats was already said I have another idea, this one more normal than the rest What about getting a really long radiator and mounting it over the Part of a window AC the cool air comes in through? Then Insulating the hose and putting foam and silicone around the socket? Just an idea and if its stupid don't get mad.
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