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  1. Fix your roster, post who's NOT there and submit your roster today.. before 8pm CST I'll take care of the rest
  2. Check your posted score here. http://forumwars.us/fwscores2011.png look like there's a few missing get back to me at TRP soon..
  3. your running 2 460's in the D class right? you had 1 listed
  4. nevermind... I found the problem.. you were listed as a 10 HC and actually your an 8 no worries
  5. one more thing El Capitan is listed as a 10 HC in the E class (he belongs in D Class) If there's a change.. let me know... otherwise I will change his class to D
  6. Guy's.. the database is messed up, but not to worry make all posts at TRP until further notice Today is the last day to post EVERYBODY get your pc spec's & zeros or a stock run posted TODAY http://www.theraptorpit.com/forum/index.php?/topic/6429-forum-wars-2011-official-stock-scores/ Team leaders I know you have it rough already.. I need to have you to post your rosters tommarro with all your teams and classes... I NEED you to add each players system specs to each player so we don't miss anybody... I want everyone to be able to play, so please help me out As busy as I am, theres a chance I could miss something.. I don't want that to happen.. so, help a brother out Thx Ray
  7. Hey guy's... Just wanted to drop by and let you know to get those stock scores up or post your pc spec's,speed & take zero's I need to get everyone on the spreadsheet.. Last day to post is Feb 16th @ TRP Also a reminder that team leader need to post your forums team rosters Feb 17th @ TRP Make sure everyone knows Thx ~Raymo
  8. Hey Guy's Just a friendly reminder that Feb 1st is fast approching. Also.. since we can start OC'ing Feb 1st (when the FW's wallpaper is available) most forums will start an internal overclocking contest to see who scores the highest and placed on the 1st team in a certain class.. TRP has more than 3 for a few classes so we'll have a run off and the players who lose will be placed on another team in the same class. All players MUST be placed on a team in a class to be eligable for the prize drawings.. everybody should have a chance to win something. and a internal run off is satisfying to the forum members.. We have a little over 2 weeks til we start.. Time to get the wheels turning to find players Good Luck Guy's ~Raymo
  9. Hey Guy's Just a little reminder that we kick off Feb 1st 2011 There have been a few minor changes in the rules.. Among them Cinebench has been removed from the contest because we found out it was hackable.. Here's the rest.. http://www.theraptorpit.com/fo...456-judges-decisions/ If you guys are interested we will be having the Raptor Bowl starting Jan 1st You guys are welcome to play http://www.theraptorpit.com/fo...-the-raptor-bowl-iii/ There is also some Forum Wars stratagy suggestions posted here.. http://www.theraptorpit.com/fo...-forum-wars-stratagy/ THIS IS WORTH A LOOK ^^^ Good luck ~Raymo CEO Forum Wars The Raptor Pit -------------------------
  10. So very sorry to hear about Ryans passing.. I didn't know him well but I envy his close friends and feel sorrow for their loss.. It's tough to lose a member of a tight community, I recently lost a good friend at TRP around the same time.. They will be missed but not forgotten... EVER! Good Luck in the competition guy's RIP Ryan ~Raymo (TRP)
  11. Guy's... there are a few minor problems with the verified scores Wildmans name is missing from his geekbench test result, required to be valid cjloki's Screenshots for wprime & super Pi are unreadable suggest you use photobucket or another media downloader.. It is not required to use hwbot (takes forever) until those benches have new verifyable results both players will recieve a zero for that benchmark and total reconfigured.. Please guy's... read the rules and let's get this worked out before the war begins. ~Raymo Forum Wars CEO
  12. Hey there OCC You guy's playing in Winter Wars?? Got some new stuff including an Overclocking bonus... 1000 points for every 1% OC on Super PI
  13. Hello OCC... Raymo here... just wanted to say good luck and It'll be a pleasure kicking your butts this year... Good luck guys! Stock scores begin friday.. -Raymo
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