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    ABIT AA8XE BIOS ver. 6.00
    Intel Pentium 4 541 Prescott 3.2GHz
    OCZ Reaper HPC 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC2 8500
    ATI Radeon X1950XTX
    Razer Barracuda AC-1
    Western Digital Raptor WD740GD
    Cooler Master Centurion 531
    Thermaltake Thunderblade (3)120mm
    Ultra X-Connect XVS 600w Modular
    HP p1130 21in.
    Logitech G11
  1. So they should perform equally considering my modem? Do I need to make any changes to the settings to get the gigabit to work the same. I ask because it seems to be slower even though my speed tests show no difference. Thanks for responding.
  2. I have onboard Dual LAN ports, Intel
  3. Altered


    Not to get to simple on you but is the disc in good shape? Also have you tried a different CD Rom? I have had freaky stuff happen and all it was, was one of the two I listed.
  4. Just like the title says, Looking for a faster Socket 775 processor that fits a AA8XE mb. I currently have a P4 3.2 in this machine but I would like to get a faster processor for it. Anyone have a dinosaur thats faster than mine thats willing to make me a good deal? Looking for Used or New My AA8XE processor requirements are here: - Supports Socket 775 for IntelĀ® Pentium 4 / Pentium 4 EE / Pentium XE / Celeron D processors - Supports 1066/800MHz FSB Thanks
  5. Think hes looking for ATX Ill try to get his attention.
  6. Ok tried all of the above and still black. ATI says to give them a call to set up a RMA. So I guess ill call them tomorrow. Thanks for all the ideas.
  7. I am using a straight 6Pin PCIe from the PSU. My PSU is modular it has its own cable. I will try the splitter and use 2 separate molex from different 12v rails. Also I didn't uninstall ATI tool so that could be the issue. I will try that as well. I just removed all the ATI drivers and software that I could find then I used Diver Cleaner Pro. Guess I assumed that would be good. I hope this works. Ill try it when I get home from work this evening and let ya know. Thanks
  8. Can anyone give me some ideas of things I might check to see why I have absolutely no display at all. The card is a ATI X1950 XTX I have checked step by step all the things mentioned in the manual. I have plenty of power. I made sure the card is inserted fully. The extra power cord is plugged in to the card. The monitor is plugged in securely. The fan comes on on the card and I hear the PC booting up etc just nothing on my screen. Is there something about these cards like a certain part that has a history of causing this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  9. I have a couple hundred bucks and want to find as good a deal as I can on a new cpu and mb. I have searched on the egg but since I have not kept up with all the frills bells and whistles over the last few years I dont know what would be decent. This is for a friend who wants to be able to play some of the FPS games decently (not looking to be the fastest). He doesnt really care what brand (as long as it is reliable) but he does want new with a warranty. COD4 and Americas Army are 2 games I know he wants to play. Any tips or info would be appreciated greatly. Thanks
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