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  1. awesome job TJ! :thumbs-up:
  2. heh...no idea what happened, but my daily average is around 14k and I put out 27k yesterday w/53 WUs. that's just nuts. I'm also not seeing any mention of insane PPD jumps over at the official [email protected] forum...weird... either way, high five!
  3. razor

    New Pup

    man, lots of new puppies on OCC lately. congrats!
  4. that's a good lookin pup, dude. congrats on the awesome find, and your new best friend!
  5. razor

    Folding Rig Poll

    I'm rocking SMP and GPU2 w/GTX 260 on my sig rig, and instances of GPU2 on two 9600 GSOs 96 SPs in a dedicated folding rig. I'm really happy w/my daily crunching and PPD, but I'm probably gonna add another GSO to the dedicated rig. considering they sip electricity, and their incredible shader overclocking potential and PPD, the 9600 GSO 96 SP has to be one of the best price/performance folding cards available. cool thread idea, cow.
  6. I have to disagree w/you, my friend from the North. I've had my 3Com router for about five years now, and it's never even looked at me funny. (knocks on wood)
  7. +1 for GTX 260. I've also a 20" monitor @ your stated resolution, and I game w/everything cranked, except for AA. I'm sure I could probably turn AA on, but I dont notice jagged lines when I'm being shot at.
  8. call me late to the party - I just bought this game yesterday, mainly because it was $10 at Wal-Mart. my steam is OCC_razor. dunno how much I'm gonna play, but if I see any of you online, I'll try to get w/ya. feel free to reciprocate.
  9. I've been rocking it on my rigs since it was released to Win Update. no complaints here.
  10. sorry Fueler, but I guess that's how things go sometimes, huh? we'll be happy to have you active again when conditions permit, and on a personal note, I hope business picks up real soon. @ TJ - that's some good folding right there, bud! :thumbs-up: @ Roger - you're doing great dude. the 200mhz difference between 2.6 and 2.8 really isnt something you're going to notice. it'll speed up your folding somewhat, but it wont be night and day, ya know?
  11. AVG and my router comprise my protection package
  12. I think all of us forgot to ask the most important question: OP, what exactly is your budget for a GPU? all of the people answering your question are operating on assumptions or guesses. we can help you best if you give us specific parameters.
  13. 8800 GTS 512 would be a very nice card at your price point if you can find one for $75-ish. if you look at the 9600 GSO, it's important to make sure you get the GOOD 9600 GSO if you do get one. the GOOD GSO has 96 stream processors, and memory divisible by 192 - so you want one with 192mb, 384mb, or 768mb RAM. here's a link to a good one. the BAD GSO has only 48 SPs, and memory divisible by 256 - so you AVOID cards with 256, 512, 1gb, and 1.5gb RAM. here's a link to a bad one. they are very good cards, I have two of them in a secondary/folding rig. on a 20" widescreen, you should be able to play COD on high settings - maybe not max, but high.
  14. razor

    Just a thought

    dude, this is the Internet...nobody reads stickies
  15. razor

    dual 4870

    here's some info related to setting up multi-GPU folding. I'm working on an official guide for setting up and maintaining multi-GPU folding operations, but it's taking more time than I thought...life happens, ya know?
  16. - OCC feels more like a family. OCN feels fragmented to me - speaking your mind (within reason) on OCC wont get you banned - OCC is at a point in its development where we're seeing an uptick in the quantity and quality of staff and user created content yes, I'm a member of OCC staff, but I felt this way for a long time before I was recruited. I cruise most of the popular tech sites, and I'm a member at most of them, too. but, I dont think my post count is over 10 on any site outside of OCC. it should say something that I put my time and work into only this site. I also gotta give my staff friends some love, too - these guys are incredibly dedicated to this site. stick around a bit, you'll see
  17. you can probably spend weeks playing each of the STALKER games. I know I did/still do. first, play the games as intended, then cruise the net for mods and you'll have a completely new experience. both STALKER games are super fun, atmospheric, kinda creepy, and totally worth playing. COD 4 and COD 5 are both excellent games, too. the only problem there is that the SP campaign is kinda short - like 6 to 10 hours each.
  18. thanks guys - I'm really pretty excited to have reached this level.
  19. I’ve been participating in the [email protected] distributed computing project for a while now, and of course I’ve always folded for Team 12772 - OCC! Folding is an easy way for me to help contribute to the advancement of medical science, even though I’m about as smart as a bag of hammers. Until semi-recently, the only way to make a [email protected] contribution was by running a CPU client – but thankfully, Stanford collaborated with the folks at ATI and Nvidia to develop a [email protected] GPU client. For many folders, setting up the GPU client can be confusing. Hopefully, this guide will serve to make installing and configuring the SysTray GPU client easy. First, let’s go over a few things to make sure your hardware is compatible with the GPU client. To use your graphics card to fold, you need: - Nvidia 8xxx series GPU or higher. - Nvidia GPUs must be running a CUDA-enabled driver. You can get a CUDA driver here. - ATI 2xxx series GPU or higher. - ATI GPUs need to have any Catalyst driver 8.7 or newer. You can get ATI Catalyst drivers here. Now that the hardware has been addressed, we need download the GPU2 client – which can be found here – and get it set up. You should also make sure that you request a unique user passkey from Stanford. This passkey is entered when you configure the client, and ensures that nobody but you gets credit for your folding effort. You can request your unique user passkey here. The GPU client installer works exactly the same way as any other Windows-based setup, and you should install the client the same way you’d install anything else. Let’s have a look at each step. Once you’ve finished with the setup process, let’s head on over to the Start Menu to make sure everything is where it should be. In the picture below, you’ll see that I have expanded two folders on my Start Menu – the [email protected] GPU folder and the Startup folder. To start the GPU client for the very first time, you’ll want to expand the [email protected] GPU folder and click on the [email protected] link. This will open up the client’s configuration window, which has three tabs. Let’s take a look at the first tab, User. The User tab is where you’ll enter your [email protected]/OCC Forum username (they need to be the same), the team you want to fold for (12772 is the ONLY option), and your unique user passkey. Next up is the Connection tab. Here is where you’ll decide whether you want the client asking you for permission to use your network. I’d suggest that you allow the client unhindered network access, mainly because it would be asking your permission a few times per day, and won’t send or receive work packet info without nagging you. This tab also gives you the option to crunch Work Units larger than 10MB in size. This option is totally up to you, but popular belief is that smaller WUs will be crunched faster – so if points are your reason for folding, I’d leave this box un-checked. You are also prompted to enter your proxy info here. Proxy settings are beyond the scope of this guide, and will not be covered. On the Advanced tab, we finally get to the important stuff! Fortunately, most users won’t have to mess with many of these settings. Core Priority should be left alone, unless another program is preventing the GPU client from accessing CPU cycles. CPU Usage Percent can also be left alone. In fact, you may leave every setting between Disable Optimized Code and Core Network Address alone. Those are mainly advanced settings that the average folder won’t need to alter. If you fold on a laptop, you should decide for yourself whether to run the GPU client on battery power or not. Additional Client Parameters are more advanced settings, and won’t be covered here. Setting the Machine ID# is important if you’re running more than one instance of [email protected] on one computer – this includes any CPU clients you may already have set up. The GPU client is smart, because it automatically assumes that it’s the second folding application running on your PC. Only change this if you are running more than two [email protected] clients on one PC. All that’s left is to restart your computer, and the [email protected] GPU client will then start automatically until you configure it differently. Important Notes: Heat: Running the GPU client will likely result in higher system temperatures, especially as far as the GPU is concerned. Folders should always make good in-case airflow a priority, but GPU folders who fail to increase GPU fan speed specifically are asking for trouble. An overheating GPU can and will cause client errors, and permanent damage may result from pushing a hot video card too hard for too long. The best way to make sure your folding GPU is cool and productive is to install a GPU tweak/OC tool, like EVGA Precision, ATI Tray Tools, or RivaTuner. Both apps enable GPU overclocking, fan speed adjustments, and custom performance profiles, in addition to the ability to have your settings load automatically when Windows starts. - For Nvidia cards, Precision is definitely the most user friendly utility, as it sports only the most oft-used tweaks in a clean, uncomplicated interface. Despite its apparent simplicity, I feel that it is easily as useful and powerful as RivaTuner. You do not need an EVGA GPU to use Precision - it will work with any Nvidia GPU. You can get Precision here. - On the ATI side, the Catalyst Control Center is your ticket to custom settings. Very similar to Precision, the CCC lets you set overclocking and fan profiles, and is very easy to use. The Catalyst Control Center will also load your settings with Windows. The CCC will work with any ATI video card, and can be found included with ATI drivers here. - RivaTuner is the undisputed king of GPU overclocking and tweaking. With as many settings as there are days in a year, RivaTuner will essentially grant you the ability to alter any of your GPU’s settings, create custom overclocking and fan speed profiles, and will automatically start when Windows does. You can even alter your card’s BIOS. While RivaTuner is an extremely powerful tool, it can also be very dangerous. Simply enabling the wrong setting can nuke your GPU, and it’s highly important that you read up on how to properly and safely use this app. You can get RivaTuner here. Lag: Because the GPU [email protected] client uses your CPU, RAM, and GPU to crunch WUs, it is perfectly normal to notice some system lag and/or stuttering while you're folding. Even simple tasks, like Internet surfing and dragging windows around your desktop, can be somewhat slower. From my experience, this lag is a minor annoyance. It's easy to pause the GPU client if you want to game, edit video, or whatever, and it's equally easy to fire it back up. Pausing and Restarting: As was just mentioned, pausing and restarting the GPU client is very easy. If you want to pause your folding, right-click the [email protected] icon in your systray and click on Pause Work. When you're ready to start folding again, simply right-click the [email protected] icon and click Resume Work. Viola! Mason approved.
  20. and I wont be sharing. not one bit.
  21. take care of yourself, KB. and thank you for serving. :thumbs-up:
  22. you have a very good friend, dude. make sure to buy him lunch or something.
  23. is anyone else getting whack-butt WUs? yesterday was my 1st full power 24/7 folding day since I got both rigs back up again, and I seem to be missing up to 10k PPD. even though my total WUs crunched for the day was on par w/normal, when I'd output 15000+ PPD...sucktacular :angry2: Sparta might have a fighting chance yet!
  24. w00t! w00t! way to go, boss man!! :thumbs-up:
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