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  1. awesome job TJ! :thumbs-up:
  2. heh...no idea what happened, but my daily average is around 14k and I put out 27k yesterday w/53 WUs. that's just nuts. I'm also not seeing any mention of insane PPD jumps over at the official [email protected] forum...weird... either way, high five!
  3. razor

    New Pup

    man, lots of new puppies on OCC lately. congrats!
  4. that's a good lookin pup, dude. congrats on the awesome find, and your new best friend!
  5. razor

    Folding Rig Poll

    I'm rocking SMP and GPU2 w/GTX 260 on my sig rig, and instances of GPU2 on two 9600 GSOs 96 SPs in a dedicated folding rig. I'm really happy w/my daily crunching and PPD, but I'm probably gonna add another GSO to the dedicated rig. considering they sip electricity, and their incredible shader overclocking potential and PPD, the 9600 GSO 96 SP has to be one of the best price/performance folding cards available. cool thread idea, cow.
  6. I have to disagree w/you, my friend from the North. I've had my 3Com router for about five years now, and it's never even looked at me funny. (knocks on wood)
  7. +1 for GTX 260. I've also a 20" monitor @ your stated resolution, and I game w/everything cranked, except for AA. I'm sure I could probably turn AA on, but I dont notice jagged lines when I'm being shot at.
  8. call me late to the party - I just bought this game yesterday, mainly because it was $10 at Wal-Mart. my steam is OCC_razor. dunno how much I'm gonna play, but if I see any of you online, I'll try to get w/ya. feel free to reciprocate.
  9. I've been rocking it on my rigs since it was released to Win Update. no complaints here.
  10. sorry Fueler, but I guess that's how things go sometimes, huh? we'll be happy to have you active again when conditions permit, and on a personal note, I hope business picks up real soon. @ TJ - that's some good folding right there, bud! :thumbs-up: @ Roger - you're doing great dude. the 200mhz difference between 2.6 and 2.8 really isnt something you're going to notice. it'll speed up your folding somewhat, but it wont be night and day, ya know?
  11. AVG and my router comprise my protection package
  12. I think all of us forgot to ask the most important question: OP, what exactly is your budget for a GPU? all of the people answering your question are operating on assumptions or guesses. we can help you best if you give us specific parameters.
  13. 8800 GTS 512 would be a very nice card at your price point if you can find one for $75-ish. if you look at the 9600 GSO, it's important to make sure you get the GOOD 9600 GSO if you do get one. the GOOD GSO has 96 stream processors, and memory divisible by 192 - so you want one with 192mb, 384mb, or 768mb RAM. here's a link to a good one. the BAD GSO has only 48 SPs, and memory divisible by 256 - so you AVOID cards with 256, 512, 1gb, and 1.5gb RAM. here's a link to a bad one. they are very good cards, I have two of them in a secondary/folding rig. on a 20" widescreen, you should be able to play COD on high settings - maybe not max, but high.
  14. razor

    Just a thought

    dude, this is the Internet...nobody reads stickies
  15. razor

    dual 4870

    here's some info related to setting up multi-GPU folding. I'm working on an official guide for setting up and maintaining multi-GPU folding operations, but it's taking more time than I thought...life happens, ya know?
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