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  1. Lenovo laptops are no longer allowed in US government. they have an extra chip that no ones knows what it does. DHS has banned them.
  2. Hey all I need some help with group policy, I need to know if I can force a change for a username through group policy. Is this possible? In my 2272 class it barely touched on GP. So I could really use some help. BIGRED any thoghts??
  3. tkos

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    because its different than what everyone else is doing....thats all. I don't really care about rankings, its not all that important to me, if thats your thing, then good for you!
  4. tkos

    Joined The Club

    Hey all, just thought I'd say hello. I switched back to SETI from Folding although my Folding account has been dormant for quite a while. Maybe I'll keep current on this one!
  5. I just got one.......sems to be ok, I have noticed that its grainy watching video though. i have it maxed at 1400x900.
  6. tkos

    Product Key #

    Hello all..I have a dumb question, I am trying to help a buddy install windows on his new computer that we built for him but we ran into a glitch. He doesn't have the product key # anymore, when he moved he must ahve lost it. I was wondring if it can be found in the registery like in 95 and 98? I find some BS product id but not what I am looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tim I have his old computer with windows on it.
  7. always so polite to the new comers!
  8. i got the wife a Epson Picture mate by far the best picture only printer on the market. Epson= great pictures
  9. yes you can make anetwork setup disk and run it on the 2000 machine.
  10. my first choice is new egg, but ocassionally TD has some sleeper deals........I have ordered for TD before and never had a problem with them, however they are usually over priced.
  11. what is your agp votage at? did you change it at all when you switched cards or did you leave everythig the same?
  12. Some how my wife turned these on on the laptop, how do i disable it back to normal. never mind i figured it out, I am just retarded! just a number lock issue.
  13. how much do you want for them??
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