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    e4300,gigabyte ds3 3.3,1gb crucial d9gmh,7900gs 256 mb,coolermaster tx.
  1. core temp,tat.speedfan ,everest anything i can find on the net.
  2. no its not a small one like stock but a bit better than stock,with stock full load will take the proc to about 55 idle.and 79-80 at full load.with this coolermaster its 49 idle and after some changes made to vcore its at 68 now.i think a better cooler will be good.definitely considering artic and thermalright.but my main concern here is have i already damage the cpu? and is it safe to continue with these temp?thanks all.
  3. wow..100c?it made my 79c looks normal.anyway tanks for posting..i did some change in the bios and drop the vcoree to 1.375 and so far under stress testing with orthos it posted 74-75C.hoping to decrease further by putting a fan directly to the cpu.well see how it goes.i will post result here afterwards.thanks guys.
  4. then again does anybody know the maximum temp of the c2d?i searched everywhere but cant find a definite answer as everybody are giving their own version.thanks.
  5. Currently speed at 3.0ghz (334x9) and the vcore i 1.400.
  6. Hi guys,just wanna check if some of you are having a hot processor after overclocking the e4300.i'm using the coretemp software and its showing 49 when idle at full load when stress testing with orthos it came up to 77-79c.is it normal cause to be frank i dont have anymore juice left in the wallet after building the system. currently using the coolermaster heatsink(cant remember the name) and artic silver5 thermal paste.here in malaysia it tends to get a bit hot for the ambient temp.please share your experienced.thank you.
  7. Yes i've got the detail view but now the timings are more and cant figure out which to change.(yes i'm a noob regarding overclocking)please help to which one should i change.thank you
  8. Hi,everybody.need some help from you all regarding changing ram ratio on ds3 3.3 mobo.can,t seems to find it so my overclocked e4300 cant go far when overclocked.please help as i believe my processor can give so much more ha 2.25 gh.thank you for your contribution.
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