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  1. Hi all My father recently got an HDTV and he wants the audio system to go with it... since he's about as good with technology as I am with the ladies (read: terrible), I have been sent on a mission to figure out what a good home audio thing is. The problem is, I am a total nub when it comes to things like home audio/theatre. So anyone here have experience with this stuff? He doesn't want to spend too much cash, but it should be able to make full utilization of: a Playstation 3 (and therefore the best audio Blu-ray can output) an HD cable box The PS3 has an HDMI output, as does the cable box. They both have a TOSLINK output too (which I read doesn't have as high bandwidth as HDMI) We really just want a 5.1 system. Cheers. edit: This seemed good http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores...552921665059622 The Sony DAV-HDX500 if the link doesn't work.
  2. Gah, I need a website. Then I wouldn't have these problems. Then I'd have another: What do I put on it? Oh life's paradoxes =p I'll just attach it, ja?
  3. Negatory there, it's a weimaraner =) Arkadiy, if I can get a link or place to upload the full file that'd be great. It's 2816x2112, 1.87MB. Kinda fuzzy/grainy at full scale unfortunately =/
  4. Just a picture I snapped a few weeks ago. Mild snowstorm that we were having. My dog ran outside when I opened the door. She was just mucking around in the snow so I went to grab my camera. Opened the door, she ran up and stood as so and I took the picture. Nothing special (not that my "special" photos are impressive), just a spur-of-the-moment. It's a higher resolution, but ImageShack resized it. Canon PowerShot SD600. Uhm, photo copyright 2007 Traffick3r =p
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    What's up all, heard of this site from a friend and registered. Seems pretty knowledgeable. Not much else to say I guess. I joined your folding thing. I'll put it on my PS3 too =)
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