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  1. http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=37407 and http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=38442 Although most inquirer news are crap, I think that was official right from AMD/ATI
  2. Hey guys do you have any news about R600 cards ? The release date was set for 30 March 2007. What actually happened ?
  3. Yes that's the Toughpower TR2 700W, + super-quiet 140mm Fan +SLI/Crossfire Ready + 120000 MTBF +++ I think It's great for just 107 euro's But I have to decide about the other parts of my rig...
  4. I live in Greece.We have about the same price as other EU countries. Just an example of what I'd like to buy for a decent price : DS3 + E6600 + Scythe Infinity + Mushkin 2GB DDR2 800mhz + Thermaltake 700W + +8800 GTS 320mb + WD 500GB + Acer 22" screen All these for 1470 euro's including VAT. I think that could be a nice "bang for buck" rig. What U think ?
  5. So finally i have 3 main choices:E4300, E6300, E6400, (or even E6600 if i can get much better performance this way) So please tell !
  6. OCZ GameXstream 600W or Thermaltake Toughpower TR2 700W. I can get them at exactly the same price (107 euros=143 dollars). My big concern now is the CPU. I was sure that E4300 was the best choice, but you're starting to change my mind, and maybe that's good but the cost will reach or pass 2000 euros which is a lot of money. (2000 euro=2675 US dollars)
  7. There's no doubt about that, I just say that most times, the e4300 will not have a negative impact, or simply it won't bottleneck 8800 GTX at all.
  8. O.k. Could you recommend me please some interesting articles to start with overclocking basics ? I have already found some, at google.
  9. No I haven't ordered it yet. Well i made a typing mistake, 'cause at first I wanted Asus P5B-E, but i'll finally get the Gigabyte DS3, (i'll try to find rev2, or 3.3). I also found a nice 9-page step by step guide for overclocking E4300 to 3,47 Ghz with DS3 mobo and G.Skill Ram. Please check it out and tell me your opinion.
  10. You are right Verran.The word "outperform" was wrong, but i wanted to give emphasis that even a tie of e4300 and x6800 is a big "plus" for the e4300, and as you said I admit that I wanted to justify my decisions. Keep in mind that i still consider myself a n00b of in-depth hardware analysis/software even if i use/own pc's since windows 95 era ,and have recently started studying programming languages in a university. On the other hand, you are an PC expert + moderator here, so your advice is always considered with respect. Anyway i'm gonna buy the PC the next week so i'll probably stick with this combo, but suggestions are still welcome. How do u find it ? Nice Price/ excellent perfomance. That was my initial target. With respect to Verran and everyone else in these forums, Nikos
  11. I think you are wrong: I read this in-depth article about performace of 8800 GTX with Core 2 Duo's A stock E4300 + 8800 GTX can even outperform a X6800 + 8800 GTX in a few benchmarks at high resolutions ! Just a benchmark reference:
  12. Thanks everyone for your help. I made a research and i have ended up to this: C2D E4300 + Scythe Infinity Asus DS3 Rev.2 + Case Sumbeam Trio ATX G.Skill DDR2 2x1GB 800mhz 4-4-4-12 OCZ GameXstream 600W XFX 8800 GTX 768 MB WD 150GB 10000rpm SATA Acer 22" 5ms 1680x1050 widescreen
  13. So, S3/DS3 + E4300 + 8800 GTS 320mb is a good choice right ? Or one 680i + E6600 + 8800 GTS 640mb/GTX for more perfomance. I'll have 2 options, depending on price. Anything else ?
  14. Thanks a lot Verran. I found G.Skill DDR2 F2-6400-2GBPK 2x1GB 800Mhz 4-4-4-12 for a nice price.I think that'll be o.k. for my system. Plus, I checked the PSU you suggested me which had very good reviews.So I'll stick with OCZ GameXstream 600W. Finally I am gonna buy an Acer AL2216WS 22" Wide (1680x1050). So I need a good combination of GPU+CPU+MOBO. Please help here. Suggest some combo's plus value/money rating. (NOT QX6700+8800GTX SLI+Striker Extreme etc.)
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