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  1. Hi, firstly, i would just like to say to all!!, New comer here. Just a simple question, If i bridge network connections of 2 x 10meg modems, both active, but given a different IP from the ISP. I understand i cant download 1 file at 20 meg but can 2 x 10 megs, and the same for uploading.. My question really is this; if i setup my connections in this way and say for instance want to download through a client like utorrent for example, will my upload speed be double, or just the max on 1 device, or would i need to configure the ports open in the software that ill be using, or will it automatically use both devices but obvioulsy, the files uploading cant be the same, as the routing for each device will be under different IP's.. Hope i made that sound clear enough. Any advice would be most helpful. Thanks
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