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  1. dang, I wrote ... I tried this solution (I could open it), but it's still not working... I think the graphic card isn't the right one, aight !?
  2. Sorry.. I tried it with this solution: Got to My Documents -->Battlefield 2 demo folder -->Profile -->Open Video.con file with notepad and make the following change: Videosettings.setvideoresolution [email protected] ... but I can't find any program, which could open .con files ..!? I'm not the greatest in computer.. can't find any notes to the graphic card... I've just opened DirectX Diagnostic Tool --> Display. The Name and so on is everything unknown.. Current Display Mode 1024 x 768 (32 bit) (1Hz) So what could I do?
  3. i bought battlefield 2, installed it and so on... everything works. but when i want to open the game the display becomes black like normally, but then just nothing happens. the dektop returns and there's no message. what shuold i do?? i'm craping struggling but nothing works. heeelpp!!!
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