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    DFI Ultra D, Opteron 146, ocz PC400 Gold, Seasonic S12 600w, 7800 GT E-GeForce, 2- Hatachi 80GB SATA RAID O, Audigy ZS II, Thermaltake Tsunami Dream, Windows Xp,
  1. [Looking for 2x1G ram. Will pay a reasonable price. I have never bought or received using DFI Street and I am not a member of that new website. I am however 53 years old and a longtime Ebayer with many successful and satisfied exchanges as a review of my history will show.
  2. Hi, I have been finishing up a new pc and was trying to do a complete install of windows xp because when I tried to boot into windows I would always have to select one of the two copies of windows xp that I had installed. I thought that I could just do a complete install and end up with a copy of windows xp that would boot automatically. After I finished this complete install everything went fine until just before windows is to boot into its program I get a blue screen that has a message "STOP: C0000221 {Bad Image Checksum} The image wow32.dll is possably corrupt The headers checksum does not match the computed checksum" I cannot boot into windows using the cd and the result everytime that I try a restart is the pc to cycle to the message again. I feel sure that there is nothing wrong with the hardware such as the memory , harddrives, motherboard, ect. because the whole thing was working nicely before I attempted the complete install. Of course what I am hoping is that you fellows can tell me how or what the procedure is that will enable me to again be able to use the windows XP cd and install windows xp again. I have had alot of enjoyment reading and building my systems using the advise that I have found on this site. Right now I am still in the process of making operational my opteron machine. I don't know if others are like me but I sometimes have to put my pc builds on the back burner for one reason or the other. I like using the pcs for my needs and gaming, however I think that I like the exercise of building the systems themselves and tinkering and tweeking them more than anything else even though I don't know what I am doing most of the time. I am wondering if anyone else is as myself and is of the opinion that the pc systems built are in all actuality a bit of overkill for my personal needs? I guess that am what people call a "wanabe" overclocker technician. I have done some overclocking and have a very limited grasp of all of the theory that is involved. Of course all of the forum leaders are my heros. I can't think of a more effective and enjoyable way of teaching the theory and mechanics of pcs than the reading about and building the systems that are explained in this forum. Thanks for putting forth the effort in making available this web site and sharing your knowledge. It has been alot of fun reading and attempting to duplicate your knowledge and achievement.
  3. Cool, I know exactly how you feel. I too have just put together a DFI board, a DFI NF4 Ultra D with a 146 opteron with some OCZ Gold uccc memory and mine too , after some tweaking, is running very well. This forum and its people make it pretty simple to make one of the DFI boards run good and consistant.
  4. I was hoping that someone could enlighten me on the memtest CD-ROM that is offered for $9.95. It includes the latest version, an extensive users guide, instructions and Memtest86 source files. I have been using Memtest that was supplied with my DFI NF4 Ultra D motherboard. I have done a little overclocking and was interested in knowing what some of the experienced forum users thoughts were on purchasing this software? Or, might there be a more desirable CD-ROM that anyone could recommend?
  5. You know I had a friend tell me a story he was involved in go down about the same way except he saw a guy hit a dog just the same way as you discribed and so he stopped and asked the guy what he thought he was doing? My friend said that this guy sounded , well sorta like "one of those" he told me that he thought to himself that that was two strikes against him and that in his game on that night that is all that one needs to be called , "your out of there", My friend buried the dog but said that he decided that this other guy wasn't worth a burial so I just left him there for his boyfriend. I bet that you are the boyfriend that he was talking about aren't you?
  6. Gemini water blocks is selling all its remaining stock. There are still good amounts of block components. I just received the order that I requested and I was impressed with their workmanship. If anyone is tinkering with a water cooling setup this may be a good place to look for some Cheap parts.
  7. Hi, I have decided to give the 939 a try and have compiled a Opteron 146 processor, the DFI Ultra-D motherboard, some OCZ PC 4000 Gold memory and a few other things. I have yet to decide on the power supply and have been looking at any and all. Recently a New power supply called Hiper Modular Type-R 580 has caught my eye. It says that it is SLI ready and that it has been tested with the athlon systems. But I would like to hear it from someone using this forum as to the compatability of this power supply with the DFI systems. It seems that in Europe this power supply cannot be kept in stock and recently a U.S. model has been made. There seems to be alot of positives to this new power supply but I would like to hear from the users of the DFI forum on the likelyhood of this power supply being a good choice for the system I am attempting? Can anyone let me know if this is a good choice for a power supply with the DFI Ultra D motherboard? Thanks
  8. Hi, I am new and dont know much about overclocking, I am hoping that I can receive help on a question about the Purchasing either the newer or the older OCZ PC4000. If I am not mistaken the OCZ5002048ELGEGXT-K is the Gold PC4000 that includes the New heat sink and the newer dated ICs, (528) and the OCZ5002048GE-K is the older style of heat sink with the ICs dates of (525). From my interpretation of what I have read the older Gold PC4000 overclocks better than the newer. Please let me know if I have misinterpreted this information. Is it true that the older Gold PC4000 , Part No. (OCZ5002048GE-K) one in the same with the older dated (525) ICs. And as well, Within the information I read that this older model of the Gold PC4000 overclocked better than the newer Gold and ran hotter. Could someone please tell me which one is the better buy? Thanks very much. I forgot to inform that I am building a new system and the memory will be used in a DFI NF4 Ultra D mobo, and I have a new CABYE 146 CPU that will be the first CPU that I will be using. Anyway , I am still in the process of assembling the other components and after that I certainly be needing help with the overclock. I guess that one can tell that I have been bitten pretty bad and I will be in need of all of your overclock skills soon. Thanks
  9. Hi, I have read that the date codes of the Samsung UCCC ICs play a huge role when it comes to maximum overclock potential. The IC date 528 is said not to be as good as the (older) 525 IC date, and that the ICs used are different, and the older Gold PC4000 overclocks to 280MHz and that the newer is not as good of an overclocker. I guess what the question is , -- Does the older Gold use the copper old style heat sink, and is it's part number (OCZ5002048ELGE-K)?? And does it clock better than the newer Gold PC4000 Part No. (OCZ5002048ELGEGXT-K)?? Thanks , I hope that someone can clear this up so I can purchase one or the other.
  10. Thanks much for your responses, I am assembling a new gaming pc and I will be using a CABYE 146 that I got from new egg. I just recieved the motherboard , a DFI NF4 Ultra D. I have been obtaining these components from the information that I read on this site. I have put together several PCs , installed raids, XP, and all that but have done no overcloking . Since I have been keeping up with it I have come to know all of you and your machines so the one that I am putting together will be completely from your information. I have been informed about the 20 and the 24 pin and that it is necessary for the 24 pin using the SLi boards. I am unsure if there is a necessity for 24 with the NF4 Ultra but I was kinda thinking ahead. I know that the hockey player's favorite PCU is the ocz 520 powerstream. But I still am thinking about the fortron. As for memory I have yet to finish, either the GSkill extreme performance 2 gb DDr 500 that loboy is partial to, or the ocz el gold (ocz5002048elge-k) if I am not mistaken the muskin uses the samsung the same as gskill? which memory should I get?? I can purchase the ocz PS for $119.00 from Marnark. and the fortron 600 from newegg for $135.00 or so. Which one?? And , I will be using water cooling , I have been putting together the water cooling unit seperate from the pc. If any of you would like to experiment with an iwaki 15 I have an extra cheap I got from ebay. I think I paid $10 or $15 for them. thanks again.
  11. I have just about decided on one of the Fortron power supplies. The 500w storm, Model: AX500-A seems to be very popular with the members of this forum however Fortron does make a 550w, FSP550-60PLN. The 550w unit does not have the fan on the top of the unit and even though it's looks are rather plain the discription tells of Two Decks and an extra +12V source. Can anyone give me direction on selecting one of the two or even whether or not the 600w or the 700w units are worth spending the extra for them. Any help about making a selection would be greatly appreciated. :confused:
  12. :shake: I use the DFI NF3 250 GB and it works fine for me. From what I have read, this board may be the most reliable board of all times. That is what some have written. Don't be fearful of this motherboard manufacturer. I have also read that DFI has in their employment the motherboard genius, I think his name is "Wo", at any rate, he is the undisputed."The Man" of motherboard building. As for the unavailability of DFI boards in London, England. Wow, OK, isn't that were the big rocks are, Stone Henge? Very interesting and supposedly is just one of many of that sort of site across Europe. Hey, your delimia of the unavialability of DFI boards in London sounds like a really good business opportunity for you. Why not start selling the DFI boards from your home to the sourrounding computer users? If nothing else you could make you alittle scratch to supplement your PC building hobby? The street that you mentioned sounds cool as all get out, I would be in heaven if I could browse around all that many computer stores. Not to mention the really awesome pc that I could build. One could probably build a nice pc from the scraps that all those pc stores threw out the back. And , not to get off the subject , but , what ever happened to the Whale that lost his way up the Tims. Wow, that fellow sure was in the Wrong body of water, if one can call the Tims a body of water. It seems that I remember that it was polluted way back when. Anyway, I bet now that one could just walk to the edge of the Tims and dip up a glass and drink it right there on the spot, right?? If you don't want to start a business importing those boards , I would suggest to order one from any of the PC supply stores in the US. They will fix you right up.
  13. The new DFI motherboard when one first Opens the motherboard box, the aroma of the board just wafts out and melds with the nose's receptors. Then one knows that they have the item that they have been waiting for. Its as though one has been plugged into a great receptical of Antisipation. Will it , could it, might I dare hope for 3.1 mhz.. What is it that DFI fills the motherboard boxes with that gives them that smell? Does anyone know? :nod:
  14. I think I saw the Klipshe 5.1s for about the same price on ebay.
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