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  1. Wow.... I mean...wow. Thanks OCC!!!!!!! This is an awesome prize for someone who never wins anything and has a 5 year old budget gaming rig. Thanks to Bosco and the OCC gang. This has a great place to learn and hang out!
  2. Thanks for the key, the first one didn't work but the last was golden for me! Don't know about the middle 2. Good luck anyone else.
  3. My user name is one I started using quite a few years ago, combining my first name and the latin name for the the bear family. I feel an affinity towards bears and the the grizzly is my totem animal as revealed to me by a shaman. Serendipitously, my user name is NEVER taken when I create a new account anywhere and saves me the trouble of adding numbers and trying to remember different usernames.
  4. What games could take advantage of that resolution?
  5. Samursus

    Trine 2

    Wow, that is a damned pretty side-scroller.... almost makes one think its NOT a side scroll game!
  6. Lol, thanks for all the answers. I am not that cheap as to be buying a wireless B adapter. Its an old one I have had for years and considering I only have 10Mb/s DSL I figured it was good enough. I recently lent the adapter to my sister for a computer she had given to her as I had a long length of CAT 5 lying around, and I figured it'd be better for gaming anyways. I have a laptop that uses wireless G and it's simpler to have the router set to G, as in the past, B/G setting caused some issues. My only concern was the length. Thanks for the reminder about coiling and crossover, just checked and she's all good.
  7. Samursus

    Hello all!

    Howdy and welcome!
  8. This surprises me as others have said, its a complete crock... unless you take into account a new model of games. EA could theoretically state that customers are not "buying" the game per se, but renting the experience. I have come to see that if and when BF4 comes out, and they no longer feel like maintaining the parts of Origin and Battlelog that sustain it, NO ONE could play the game anymore. Disregarding hacks and the like of course. I don't agree with it, but I do see an increasing trend in the world of freedoms and rights taken away, bit by bit. I am surprised, but not shocked that things might go this way.
  9. I always wondered about this myself. I love good audio, but have not experimented enough to know if I would notice a difference. AND I am too cheap to experiment by buying a soundcard and 7.1 speaker system to find out. My on board sound always seemed fine to me, but I haven't experienced anything different. Anyone recommend a decent budget-priced 7.1 set-up? Or do more speakers even matter?
  10. Quick question. Am I better off using a wireless B adapter that has to travel around 12' through 2 interior walls, or 25' of CAT 5E cable?
  11. Yeah, I hate hackers... whats the challenge if you are using hacks? My issue is never knowing whether or not it is a hack, or me just sucking
  12. This. I was pretty sure the $5 was a non-refundable deposit. As I understand it, the price for the game isn't taken from your credit card until its activated/released. I have been wrong before.
  13. IME its not that easy to take out an aircraft with the mobile AA. I have tried. The heatseeker upgrade is just as useless as any HS once countermeasures are unlocked. You have to be quite close to the aircraft to get a nice string of hits to take him out. Most experienced heli pilots fly through cover, fly fast and/or fly high. Definitely easier to take out helis than jets, granted. I agree about the mortars and flashlights; everyone I play with agrees with that.
  14. I am driving a 2003 Toyota Matrix. Not too sporty, but damned reliable... not a blip in the 6 yrs I have had it. Would buy one again, except the 4WD version next time.
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