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  1. After a bit of layout revisions due to not realizing exactly how small my case is, I have it set up a bit different, but here's the pictures of my freshly water cooled system! Temps are down roughly 10 degrees aside from my chipset.
  2. Well I don't plan to do much over clocking. My case is 18" long and a 2x120mm radiator would fit well with minor alterations, but if I get the three up, I'd have to move the location of one of the fans holes and probably just drill it all out to fit the 3x120mm radiator.. it's a 11.5" to 16.25" difference. I suppose I could always under cut everything and make changes on the fly, it is only a $10 difference for what would be a lot better cooling. Thank you all for your input. Any recommendation on fans to use? I'd like to be able to control the speed, nothing too loud as my computer sits at a low dba already. I've always been interested in how well the Thermaltake Silent Wheel 130mm fan performs. Right now I have three 120mm thermaltake smartfan II. There's also a cooler master 4 pack that looks like a good deal, I'll most likely be making all my purchases through frozencpu btw.
  3. Alright, so I've always wanted to water cool my PC. The money never came around til now. Basically, I am giving my ex girlfriend my old PC and in exchange she'll spend some money on helping me watercool my PC. I was wondering if doing this would work: Here's my case if you want to get a better feel of the layout: I don't want to make the water cooling stick out too much, so I was thinking mount the radiator to the outside of my case, and put the fans inside the case on the top. I would have to carve another fan slot in the top of my case but that's no big deal. Now here's where my lack of knowledge comes in. Will that make the heat from my PC cut back on the cooling of my components or won't it be too noticable? Will my Acrylic case melt with a radiator right against it? If so what do I put in between it or is it not doable? I know chipset cooling isn't really worth it without extreme overclocking so I'm skipping that and sticking to just the CPU for now, and later on I'll buy a GPU waterblock and add that into the mix. I read the guide on here hence the pump location in the diagram. Here's the parts I've been looking at. pump- Swiftech MCP655-B cpublock- Danger Den MC-TDX for Intel 775 Radiator- Danger Den Black Ice GT Stealth 240 X-Flow Radiator Reservoir- XSPC 5.25" Bay Liquid Cooling Reservoir (cuz I want a clear bay res to match my case!) tubing and water- Feser My system specs are: Q6600 DFI LP LT X38-T2R EVGA 8800TS (512) Crucial Balistix tracer ram Ultra 550w PSU 4 HDs totaling 1,145GB
  4. Alright well thanks everyone for the help, I'll post pics of the whole rig put together once it gets here. The holidays are slowing newegg down pretty well.
  5. You guys recommend the P35 north bridges? And Upok, the reviews on that board don't look too good.. Lol. I added that gigabyte board to the cart, and I'm gonna look around for a different sound card. And what'dya guys recommend in for the ram at 1066?
  6. Q6600 evga 880GTS 2gb Crucial Ballistix Ram Smilodon case Enough space Soundblaster w/remote I'm thinking about skilling the soundcard and doubling the ram.. Any Suggestions on motherboards? I doubt he'll do any SLI stuff, but as far as I know the nvidia chipsets are best correct?
  7. A good friend of mine just got back from the Army and he's looking to build a PC. I haven't been looking around the technology world since dual core was the most awesome thing out there. Lol.. As far as I know, he'd like a Quad-core processor, so he wants to go Intel. Ah, nVidia on the graphics. I'm aiming for the top of the mid-range stuff on all the components, he doesn't need the latest and greatest (that's going to be old news in 6 months). I'll probably try to keep it under $1,500 seeing how he already has a monitor and two external 500 gig drives. So.. Any suggestions?
  8. I'm seeing them on Saturday, should be a great show.
  9. Haha, I've been thinking about picking up some fire works just for that reason. It's always funny.
  10. That's why I keep it old school, buy the album, rip to PC, put on zune. Screw paying to download music.
  11. Good to hear he's behind bars. I think the three strikes law most states have for drunk driving is excellent.
  12. Man, that kind of old people rock, but the ones that drive 15 under the speed limit don't.
  13. Ahaha, that's craping quality!
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