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  1. I must share my own opinions on what the belt ranking means and also what studying martial arts means to me. The belt ranking system to me is not important and in my mind I will always be a beginner willing to learn more. If you cant see past the kid with the black belt then you wont learn anything. I dont see the belt ranking system as a label on who is better than the other. As a former instructor, I would give a 15 year old a black belt cause he has been there since he was 7 and I know how hard he works and how passionate he is about learning. The belt rank is a personal achievement of hard work and dedication, not if you can beat up the guy standing next to you. The classes at the school I used to learn with had both adults and children from all different ages. They were also spit by beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. With the mentality of the gentleman above, you would have easily dismissed it as a mac dojo. But for all the people that humble themselves enough to come in and try it, they will find that they would not be able to keep up with the kids. Learning martial arts for me was never about learning to fight other people but to improve myself, physically and mentally. But this is just me and everyone has their own purposes for learning. For someone like Agallion, Kickboxing is the way to go and possibly BJJ. You get more action faster.
  2. Not everyone lives in Texas...
  3. I hope your not seriously thinking that this is serious.
  4. There is a huge range of styles you can take. Kung fu itself has so many different styles. Saying "Kung fu" is not technically a style. Saying Kung fu is a style is like saying "martial arts" is a style. Its a very general term. There are alot of styles out there that are specialty styles such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. BJJ's focuses on ground fighting, grappling, and joint locks. Tae Kwon Do specialized is kicks, Judo in throws... etc. The kung fu styles are more complicated. Many of the kung fu styles are named after families. Hung Gar, which is famous because of Wong Fei Hong (Once upon a time in China, Jet Li) is maned after the Hung family and is a southern style. Then there are the styles named after animals such as Eagle Claw and Seven Star Mantis. Wing Chung (Bruce Lee's first style) was named after the founder. The thing with traditional kung fu is that it takes alot of time and dedication to learn it. Its a slow process which not many young people want. Ultimately, it is up to you what you think is best. They are, or should be, all great workouts. One thing to remember is that although you may get good or be good, there is ALWAYS someone better. Yes this is true. But please dont jump into learning BBJ or ground fighting so quickly. Although joint locks are useful, they do not end a real fight. If you are in a real situation, you want to be standing up as much as possible. All fights may end up on the ground, but the friends of the guy your fighting are all standing up... but dont get me wrong, BBJ is a awesome style. Very effective in joint locks and submission moves.
  5. Having done traditional kung fu and taught it for a while, here is my 2 cents. It all comes down to the school and how the style is taught. Pick a school you like and forget about the style. There is no style that is better than another because styles dont fight styles. People fight people... and the person that wins is the person that works the hardest and understands what they are doing. Take martial arts not because you want to fight, take it because it builds character and discipline. Too many times Ive heard this style is better than that and blah blah blah... Those people end up talking so much they dont practice enough. No matter what you do it will be good. If anything, go to different school and take a look at their schools. Meet the instructors. Watching class is boring so I would stay away from that. I think the most important thing is to meet the instructors because it is the instructor that will teach the discipline, not the style. If your looking to take martial arts to beat people up in a real life situation ie. at a bar... dont do any gound fighting. If your looking to learn how to fight quickly, take boxing or kickboxing. If you are interested in learning culture, discipline, and your in no rush then take a more traditional style like karate, kung fu etc... however, it is difficult to find a traditional school that will teach in a traditional way. Contemporary Wushu is ballet... That is all.
  6. The two new cases from thermaltake. Looks like they are bringing back the Xaser (zay-zer?) and a new Armor + Any comments, suggestions, would be great. Even ones that say "it sucks." Just say why it sucks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYT3eIFETqY <- Armor+ Youtube video
  7. New RSI series chassis from thermaltake that will be in the 30-50 dollar range. The WingRS 100, WingRS 101, and the SopranoRS 101. SopranoRS101 More from the RSI Series
  8. The tetris link was funny as hell too.
  9. Sounds like a hectic and very emotional day. Although it may feel like the worst day of your life so far, It may be a turning point in both your lives to something better. She is a lucky girl to have someone like you, hope she knows it.
  10. I would take the max amount of watts measured and get a PSU that has double that amount. So if I was drawing ~300w, I would get a 500-600W PSU. Here is my analogy for this reasoning. You can get a 4 cylinder car to run at 100MPH at 6000RPM or you could get a V8 and be at 3000RPM doing the same speed. I would put my money on the V8 lasting a lot longer as long as long as its a good quality engine... Oh yea, a good quality PSU is important too. I agree that you don't need a crazy 1000W PSU for the average high end machine (ie. Dual core CPU, 8800GTs/GTX card...) but I wouldnt suggest getting a 400W PSU when you know you are drawing 350W.
  11. Of course. However, Huddy doesnt have a 1200lph pump. He has the 500lph pump. And, I was offering Huddy something extra since he doesn't have a 1200lph pump. You may not need it or want it but, the offer wasn't to you so it's all good. I dunno about Huddy but I wouldnt pass on a free pump or radiator... as long as he's in the US... Ahh... I see now. But still, a backup pump is still something you might like.
  12. Nope, that sir, is a 400Lph pump. Square = 400, round = 500. The 735 and 745 come with a 400lph pump while the Kandalf and Armor LCS come with a 500lph pump. and 3 radiators are better than 1...
  13. Wow... Thats a whole lot of things you need cooled... I think you need a 500L pump and use the 400L one for backup, and possibly another radiator. PM me...
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