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  1. For CSS you might find this usefull. Tmod
  2. Is this a working site or something you are doing on your local system? Always better for me to see what we are trying to align. Tmod
  3. Hmmm just tried that link in my first post and it took me to my page where the links are at. Tmod
  4. Please update thread as to what is still available. I know the RAM is gone but you still have it showing available. Tmod
  5. Also remember you can type in Awdflash /? to get a list of all the switches you can use when you flash. Tmod
  6. I have created a DFI Bios Flash & Utilities CD. This CD does not contain every bios that DFI has ever made but it does contain some that have proven themselves or new ones from DFI. The CD also contains HD utilities from different manufacturers as well as some system tools such as Prime and Memtest. The CD gets updated periodically when something new comes out or someone requests something that isn't on it. I cannot guarantee the everything requested will make it on it. I used to post all the info on each forum where I placed it but that got to hectic for me so I only have the info on two now. The main forum where I keep all the latest info as well as links the CD can be found Here So with that said I know some here have already used it and if you feel it may be a worthwhile addition to your collection please feel free to download it. Tmod
  7. Tmod

    Hey All

    You mean some no good sob took my name and created something using it? Yeah it is me! Tmod
  8. Tmod

    Hey All

    Well I am not a newbie to computers but I am new here. Nice place you got going on here!! See ya all later. Tmod
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