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    Kingston HyperX 512MB (2 x 256MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 333 (PC 2700) Dual Channel
    CORSAIR XMS 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Dual Channel

    Card name: RADEON 9550
    Manufacturer: ATI Technologies Inc.
    Chip type: ATI RADEON 9550 AGP (0x4153)

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  1. woot for the win on the space contest....and NICE for the person that came here and started one a few weeks back... ***looks around*** are those tumble weeds i see??????? hopefully THIS little section COULD have weekly contests! or even bi-weekly! i know i click here sooo many times a week waiting for that new contest to pop up! LOL ok new contest.... sig rules of the sight! must contain anything that show FRUSTRATION or tumbleweeds on this much needed and sought after WEEKLY contest thread!
  2. this was posted in semi response to my friends post in the FAQ...hey we are all newbs..you can check MY thread posts to see MY UBER noob mistake when i got here by not letting threads DIE!! lol but OMG im sitting here using the ALL in WOnder 9600 series...and i have to say im a little disappointed with it. First off..and small dislike is that its louder than ALL my fans combined. had another card on this comp and said BYE BYE case...so its all out in the open...fan pointed on stuff mainly for the LIGHT factor since i have LED fans...but all that running was uber quiet...toss the ALL in WOnder on it...and i could wake my wife in the next room when i fired up my stuff...its got the onboard fan and sitting in a box of parts...the cage of the fan MIGHT have gotten pushed to make this crazy loud noise i hear...runs fine though. Well fine for the card...my dilemma is this........."a friend of mine" is in Lord of the Rings online...this game eats up my...err friends (cant step on NDA disclosures) vid card with no problem set on low setting..... I need a GREAT vid card...WITHOUT having to sell a car to buy one. ok cheap me think i can spend maybe 200 bucks... gaming me says lets bump that up to 300 bucks What is out there for the biggest bang for the buck that will surpass my all in wonder? any vid savvy folks out there can can shed some light on this?
  3. sweet post Roadkill finally some explanation and visuals to some of those functions within the menus that i never knew how to use!!! So glad someone else started to post some tutorials in here!!!! I really found this helpful...espcially all the keyboard shortcuts that i am just clueless about! thanks
  4. hahah yes LARGE!!! lol seee what 2 hours of sleep does at that 22nd hour
  5. im so glad you said that...i wast sure if that would be kosher since the screensizes are a lil small....but wanted to do that! might even edit it to do just that !
  6. BLB ::: BLIND LEADING THE BLIND ::: PSTutorial -- Series One________________________________________________________________________________ Disclaimer:: I am a photoshop Newb...and tutorials always helped me out tremendously so i figured i would just post tutorials as i learned them myself. Hence the BLIND LEADING THE BLIND Tutorial series: This tut will teach you how to make a signature that overhangs in part onto the background of your forums or pictures! -----------Preperation----------- First off, open your image your are taking your sig background from! In this tutorial I am using !!!THIS IMAGE!!! . I use the Marquee tool to outline a rectangular shape of the part of the image I want. Here is the area i used. Click Edit -> Copy. Then click File -> New and (be sure to check the Transparency button at the bottomLike so (with checkbox shown)) then click OK. It will be auto-sized to the size of your Marquee tool. Your box will look something like THIS. Now in the new (untitled1) click Edit -> Paste. Your background image of the sig is there-Cropped. Since it was plopped on top of the Transparent Background, any Erasing will reveal the gray/white checkerboard (meaning that portion will show the background of where it is placed (via forums or even within other pictures) Now lets take out some of the top so it will “overhang” within the background of forums. Take your eraser and start plugging away! ------------helpful hints and Next Stage------------ A. I find clicking on the Rectangle tool and setting it to a YELLOW
  7. ding! you totally got me there..... that is TRUE.... im sure you can tell why I have dimension problems when im done posting the KILLHOAR sig tutorial in the photoshop forums, sadly enough i have use IMAGE sizr a little to much on the scaling down...instead of scaling down my graphics first! oyu live you learn! but thanks on the heads up on the .png i really didnt know that most sites will identify it!!!!! sweeeeeeeeeeet!
  8. but ALSO using the eyedrop forum background theory...it would be easier to conform withing 480x90 heheheh so i wouldnt get mixed up on the resizing /grin
  9. ok ok you just blew my mind but being an artist myself i too have noticed a VERY VERY slight blue difference in the rectagular spectrum...BUT since i didnt notice this until i right clicked look at the one here on forums...i thought i was just re-realizing that it was eyedropped or something similar hehehe....thanks for clearing that up. I had no idea IE6 had no transparency...and luckily my brother was over here with hit old skool laptop and i got to see it first hand! wow! good to know. So i have always tossed stuff in either .gif or .jpeg and always changed from .png -- it has higher quality pics than those? if so...do most forums and sites that use comment areas ...are they able to display .png when linked to them? nice this mundane thread turned into something so informative
  10. i still have to say, your sig skills with the non rectangular conformed sides is what made me really get into making sigs!!! btw....i JUST now right clicked saved the image of your sig and saw the perfect eyedropping tool of forum color to achieve the perfect look of displacement! OMG and here i have been doing the hard way of having transparent .gif background and using erasing layers!!! OMG i think you just cut out and hour of meticulous erasing. LOL btw speaking of...i am posting a tutorial on making the killhoar overlapping sig tonight in the photoshop forums since i noticed there is NOTHING in that forum thread
  11. btw ClayMeow from the CES/Vegas thread that is now locked..... i just now read that part of the post tonight! to answer your question......its taken from this pic RIGHT here i seem to have used different parts of that pic for different sigs!
  12. thanks guys for the response....im just now getting 'round to tinkering and plunging in! Memtest86+ is perfectly something i was on the hunt for...so thanks tazwegion! and speaking of the Kingstons.....the specs are Memory: 1536MB RAM Kingston HyperX 512MB (2 x 256MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 333 (PC 2700) Dual Channel CORSAIR XMS 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Dual Channel along with the corsairs are these more in line with the Kingston DDR spec' ? im assuming not and i would have to look on the actual RAM itself at the chips?
  13. see on duration, i think you have hit the NAIL on the head!!!! that is perfect!!! bi weekly contests, now that is IDEAL!!!!!!! i so would be wearing this sextor of the forums out!!!!!!! i hoipe since this one actually had 8 submissions unlike the CES/vegas one with one true submission...which was an autowin that maybe there would be an interest in some bi weekly "show your skillz" lil bouts!!!!!!
  14. yeah i kida agree...if your meaning letting bigger sizes come into play! sticking with forum guidelines would be good! so if someone likes it they can ask to use it or whatnot! my 2 cents
  15. OMG CM you are indeed correct!!! no i was not intending for it to not be wtihing the 480x90 constraints! you are spot on that its slightly too big.... 1 pix x 12pix to be exact! i definately want to be within the correct guidelines so i adjustd it...... but alas its 3pm now, my time
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